Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Party Girl

Am I off to a party? No. Have I been invited to a spectacular soiree? Negative. Is there a cocktail party not too far from here that I’m planning on crashing? Absolutely not. Regardless of the fact that I currently have nowhere to go, I feel that it is finally my time to cast all fears, precautions, and hesitations aside. To shed my good girl image and get in touch with my wild side; the one that crashes chichi parties; the one who dances ‘til dawn even on a school night. Who throws all talk of curfews to the wind, and sincerely let’s loose. Who refuses to think about responsibility, and candidly has fun. How do I plan on accomplishing this seemingly simple task? Easy. By donning this AE Belted Party DressAmerican Eagle coupons.

Wisteria Purple or Navy Night. Two decadent color titles that bring about numerous fashion fantasies; in addition to rebellious dreams. Crafted of lightweight cotton, there’s an element of light corsetry about the bust that conveys an air of Victorian style, which is only made stronger by the splendrous satin ribbon belt adorning the waist. A mini diamond print adds a bit of dimension to the knee-length frock; while smocking on the back helps to create the perfect fit. But of course, you know me, nothing is complete – be it a satin evening gown or cotton sundress – without a pocket or two; and yes, this flirty piece of adorable femininity features two, just waiting for you to slip in a tube of lip gloss, or perhaps a tiny bouquet of flowers from a secret admirer.

During the daylight, I’ll sit poolside, my feet dangling in the crystal clear water, looking like a little lost girl who’s all dressed up with nowhere to go. Sometimes you may find me padding barefoot through a flower field, the slight breeze whipping my loose unwashed hair about my face. Or maybe I’ll be seen at a garden party, sipping tea in a white wicker lawn chair surrounded by colorful hydrangeas.

When night falls I’ll creep out of the shadows with a sparkly statement necklace clasped about my throat, my hair in a loose updo with wisps falling around my face. For a brief time I’ll dance and laugh with strangers. I’ll become the girl whom everyone wants to know. The one who is effortlessly beautiful, unconsciously graceful, and ostentatiously inconspicuous. Once I have left an impression upon everyone, I will slip away, leaving nothing more than a skinny strap in either wisteria purple or navy night in my wake a la Cinderella as proof that I was there. That yes, I certainly do exist. For you see, loves, the AE Belted Party Dress? Well, it’s home to removable straps; so should you feel like wearing it as a tube dress, go ahead and do it! After all, you’re a party girl now.

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to American Eagle Outfitters for the pictures.

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