Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Blaze Daze

Don’t worry mas petites, I’m not bewildered and confused; nor am I in some shopping-induced stupor. Rather, I’m simply dazed over the decadence of blazers. Once thought of as a staple for the businesswoman’s wardrobe; it’s a piece that has made its way out of the boardroom and into the depths of bohemian society and the club-hopping, cocktail drinking social scene alike. It’s a wear-with-anything bit of beauty dripping with sophisticated effervescence and class. And yes, it can’t wait to meet you.

Urban Outfitters "Lux Little Brother Blazer" I’ve always wanted a big brother. Perhaps more for the chance to flirt with his cute friends, than to use as a confidante of sorts; but, nonetheless, it was not meant to be. Now I realize that I simply should have aimed for a little brother; for if this Lux Little Brother Blazer is any indication, he would have been the perfect clothes-swapping ally for all of my fashion desires. A shrunken, cropped fit makes it look as if you’ve swiped this straight out of your little bro’s closet; yet the feminine, black tie affair details – including a back hem slit, a one button placket, and three button cuffs – provide a glamorous girly edge to this black bombshell. Looking for a way to dress up your distressed acid-wash jeans? You’ve just found it.

Free People "Studded Stripe Blazer" No, I am not a wannabe member of Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club, I simply can’t resist a good studding every now and then, and this ivory Studded Stripe Blazer is decked out in them. Unlike the typical blazer, you will not find a notched collar, or button down front here; in their place there are round metal studs, a standing collar, and an open front, embellishments that add a sense of rock ‘n’ roll to a piece of clothing that is oftentimes regarded as stuffy and boring. This is a blazer that would work wonders when topping a plain white tee and mini; or accessorized with long metal chains, and dazzling cocktail rings. An added bonus? The striped wool makes it feel more like a comfy cardigan than a baggy blazer. Oui, this beauty possesses all the creaminess of vanilla ice cream, topped with the sultriness of whipped cream and a bright red cherry.

Victoria's Secret "Boyfriend Blazer" I long for the day when a handsome boy invites me to a swank cocktail party. He’ll be wearing a dark-hued blazer over a crisp, white button down; I’ll be dressed to the nines in an elegant, sleeveless cocktail dress, my hair pulled into a sassy updo. We’ll make our way out to the balcony (there’s always a balcony, isn’t there?) where the brisk air will leave goosebumps upon my arms. He’ll remove his jacket, and place it about my shoulders, and...we’ll live happily ever after. Sure, it hasn’t been left upon my arms by a handsome fellow, but this Boyfriend Blazer is most definitely the material morsel of my fantasy. The loose fit would look lovely when placed about a teeny tiny cocktail dress, or simply dancing atop a pair of denim; while the front flap pockets seemingly call out to be filled with silk cocktail napkins, or a flirty pair of dark aviators. Due to the fact that I’m single at the moment, I think it only proper that this blazer represent my beau for the time being!

Pins and Needles "Patchwork Blazer" Sticks and stones may break my bones, but Pins and Needles? Well, they’ll simply dress me in all sorts of fabulousness via their versatile Patchwork Blazer. A coat of many colors has been completely updated to take on a more hip, youthful vibe by giving it a slim cut, adding multiple front pockets, and garnishing it with an array of wild shades tossed together haphazardly to make it an item that you’ll wear over and over again thanks to its multifaceted nature. This is just chaotic enough to thrill the oftentimes vicious Blair Waldorf, known for her kooky color combinations; yet tame enough to become fundamental in your vintage-craving closet.

Alice + Olivia "Cotton Sateen Rolled Sleeve Blazer" love a layered look. A layered look that lets a little dash of color peek out from underneath to tease and tantalize the world. A hidden style that lurks underneath the top coat, hiding from the outside. Thus, the Cotton Sateen Rolled Sleeve Blazer has become quite the object of my affection. It may look like a simple black blazer, woven with a two-button closure for those times when it gets a little nippy; a notched collar sitting about the neck, pockets sitting squarely atop the hip, and above the chest. But no, this seemingly little black blazer has a little secret in the form of contrasting white cuffs that adorn the sleeves, fooling the world into believing that you’re wearing a white top underneath, when really it’s simply a trick of the eye, a sleight of hand, so to speak. One that adds a little volume and sass to an otherwise plain LBJ. Roll one my way, s’il vous plait!

Have you found yourself in a blaze daze yet, darlings?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Urban Outfitters, Free People, Victoria's Secret, Singer22 for the pictures.

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