Friday, July 3, 2009

La Femme Mystérieuse

Oh darlings, I tried, I certainly tried, but it was difficult…scratch that, impossible for me to resist this new piece of headwear. I’ve already admitted that, as someone who has bangs, it’s not a good idea to smother them with a well-placed hat. It’s better to simply adorn my head with bands of poppy colors and sizes. But alas, I couldn’t turn away from this Kimchi Blue Straw Ribbon Floppy from UO – Urban Outfitters coupons.

Ever since I met the precocious, Plaza-dwelling Eloise, I have found myself obsessed with going incognito. With keeping to myself, and staying a mystery to random passersby. To ooze affluence and sophistication, yet remain completely anonymous to anyone on the outskirts of my inner circle. The Kimchi Blue Straw Ribbon Floppy makes all this and more possible.

The natural-colored woven beauty is dressed up with a skinny black grosgrain ribbon, and emphasizes a very day-at-the-Derby type of elegance what with its down-turned brim, and ability to be shaped and molded to your hearts desire. Whereas the American Apparel Wool Floppy Hat seems more fitting for the cooler fall and winter months; this particular piece seems more appropriately outfitted for the warmer spring and summer months when it can be paired with flirty sundresses, ankle-tied espadrilles, colorful tanks, and patterned bikinis.

Now is the time to do it loves. Toss aside your oversized sunglasses, plop this slice of sublimity atop your head, and unleash your inner femme mystérieuse!

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Urban Outfitters for the pictures.

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