Monday, July 20, 2009

Charmed, I'm Sure

There was one thing I wanted for my tenth birthday. If your mind is riddled with thoughts of dolls, video games, stuffed animals, or bikes, I’m sorry to tell you that you’d be wrong. While I loved each and every one of those things, the number one item on my wish list was a watch. A way for me to be armed with the ability to tell time even if a wall clock wasn’t present. A single piece of sublimity that would put my mind at ease; that would keep all thoughts and worries of arriving somewhere late – and not fashionably so – at bay.

To answer your question (and yes, I know that it’s flitting about in that pretty little head of yours), I did receive a watch that year. In fact, ever since then my wrist has felt naked when I have rushed out the door, and left my little timekeeper locked up in my desk drawer, for I have never been without a watch since the birthday in question. Of course, I have never owned one that is very splendrous either. They have always been cheaply made, and simply slung about my tiny wrist as a means for getting through the work day. But times they are a-changing. Now, I want a...La Mer.

Just the way the words roll off your tongue make it obvious that owning anything with the La Mer label on it is synonymous with finding yourself dining at The Ivy amidst celebrities; or perhaps rummaging through Teen Vogue’s goodie-laden fashion closet, and taking home anything that your heart could possibly desire.

Mixing functionality with fashion, La Mer has produced the Chain/Charm Wraps; beautiful watches that proudly display wide, colorful bands, adorned with a detachable double steel chain bearing charms of your choosing. For the nautical girl, there’s the Turquoise-Gold Seaside. For the Alice in Wonderland obsessed there’s the Mad Hatter-inspired Black – Tea Party. For the girl who wants to see the world, there’s the Emerald – Gold Travel.

But for me? Oh, mon amis, I am currently debating between the Red – Gold Treasure which is vibrant and scintillating; and the more practical Brown – Vintage which is bound to work better with my wardrobe, and features adorable lock and key charms – two of my favorite things. But, alas, once I make the final decision, I will be facing a new predicament...actually affording one. I suppose I’ll simply cross that bridge once I come to it.

Which La Mer lovely calls out to you?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to La Mer for the pictures.

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