Saturday, July 11, 2009

Smitten Saturday

Teddy Bear Picnic I’m not embarrassed to admit it...I’ve never outgrown the teddy bear phase. Other stuffed animals may have lost their luster in my mind over the years, but the teddy bear has retained its sparkle, sticking with me through thick and thin, and comforting me in any situation. And so, while it may be impossible for me to take a stuffed teddy with me wherever I go, it’s not impossible to indulge in a little teddy bear lovin’ in terms of fashion and accessories. Case in point, the slouchy Sketched Bear Tee which would look utterly adorable with a flouncy cotton skirt; the Jelly Belly Bear Necklace which is the ideal way to keep a cuddly teddy close to your heart at all times; and the Harrod’s Teddy Bear Collection Tote – a bag that brings an assortment of teddies right to your handbag. The teddy bear picnic is only just beginning, mon amis!

Shake It Up You’ve experienced those moments before, I know you have. In fact, we all have. You know them quite well. You have the perfect idea for a dress in your mind – the color, the cut, the length – but you simply can’t locate the piece de resistance in the hundreds of retail stores that you frequent. Non, it is relegated to remain a figment of your fantasies until you merely move on and find something else that tickles your fancy. But such a fate does not have to be…not anymore, at least! StyleShake is the answer to your design dreams. Here you not only choose your own fabrics, but you also design the piece that has been floating about in your mind all this time, and will be dancing about in it within ten working days. It’s a way to ensure that you’ll be the only one wearing your gorgeous garb, and there’s nothing more thrilling than that; so shake it up!

Wall Mart I’ve heard quite too many of them over the years. The horror stories about painting jobs that have gone awry. The devastation that accompanies a bedroom redesign. It’s enough to have kept my walls stark white since day one. But I’m bored. I’m sick of the bland. I’m tired of the blasé. I want a quick fix that will spruce up my living space, and breathe a little life into my humble abode without forcing any permanent changes. I want...wall decals! Currently I am captivated by flair4all’s Bird Blossoms in Vintage Charm which is understated yet unbelievable; loxii’s Frames to make up for the lack of art and photographs adorning my walls; and flair4all’s Vintage Vinyl to appease my music-loving soul. Obviously it’s time to channel my inner interior decorator.The Caped Crusader Dyan Sheldon’s Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen was a book I clamored for when it hit stores. Regardless of the fact that it wasn’t my favorite read, I couldn’t help but fall in love with Mary Elizabeth – aka Lola – the dramatic star of the novel, whose feverish desire for all things fashionable spoke to me like no other. It was she who introduced me to capes as an accessory, not a Halloween costume. Since then – and, mind you, we’re talking over five years – I have searched high and low for a cape that was low-key yet high fashion. Never have I pinpointed one that would do the job…until, perhaps, now. The Nina Leonard Ribbed Turtleneck Cape with Half Zipper Detail is quite like a cardigan or sweatshirt, only more sleek and fashion-forward thanks to the turtleneck, tiny zipper detail, and availability in ruby or black. The Cable-Knit Cape looks ideal for the crispy fall weather that is fast-approaching. The cropped cut keeps the style humble, while still showing off a high society flair. And the Spiewak “Heleana” Cape in Charcoal Heather? The military details keep it looking marvelous. I know it’s surprising but it’s true...this may be the year I become the caped crusader!

So You Want to Be French You can learn the language. You can eat the food. You can mimic the accent. But sometimes, the one thing you truly need to be French is the assistance of a book. A little guide that will help you to embrace your inner French girl, and introduce her to the world. Reading material that makes it simple to unleash the Francophile within and turn her into a dashing mademoiselle fit to mingle with the best of them. Helena Frith-Powell’s All You Need to Be Impossibly French is a study, so to speak, of the secrets, lives, and lusts of the French woman put together via interviews with former models, politicians, beauty pageant queens, and more. Debra Ollivier’s Entre-Nous gives us the lowdown on what steps need to be taken for the average girl to tap into the French femme fatale lying deep within. And for those who simply crave the menu of the French woman without the weight gain, Mireille Guiliano’s French Women Don’t Get Fat provides the recipes that keep the madame’s fit yet full. Oui, I’m off to do a bit of reading.

Bra-vo There is one thing that causes so much unnecessary aggravation in my life, and that is finding a bit of lingerie that will work with any and every item in my closet. From my off-the-shoulder tees to my halter tops; tanks and tubes; and even the star of Tuesday’s Back Talk. It has always seemed impossible, and has resulted in a constant need to spend money on every cut imaginable. But no more. The key to the perfect unmentionable is Fashion Form’s Infinite Options Bra. How many ways can it be worn? Not one. Not two. Not even six. No, it’s even can wear it nine different ways, making it the perfect accompaniment to anything you plan on wearing. Gone are my days of shelling out tons of cash on a multitude of intimates. All I truly need is a few of these, and I’m set!

What were you smitten with this week?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Corrie Bond Photographer and Talbots for the pictures.

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