Friday, July 10, 2009


The heat. There is no other solution than to simply blame it on the heat. To place all responsibility regarding my betrayal of comfy, cozy flannel pajamas with wide legs, and button-down tops, upon the stifling heat that is making bedtime a nightmare – even before my head has hit the pillow, and my eyelids have grown heavy. I’m aware that it’s a sweat-induced, scoundrel-like bit of behavior, but it’s certainly the truth; for I would not have cast my typical bedroom attire aside so simply for feminine, flirty pieces like the Canterbury Knit Nightie had the temperatures simply stayed within bearable numbers, as opposed to exceeding the mid-90s and leaving me drenched in dread and desperation. And not just for an air conditioner, mind you; but a way to retain my cuteness without compromising my conquest for comfort.

I should think that there is no more alluring piece of boudoir accoutrement than the ladylike Lolita-influenced Canterbury Knit Nightie from Victoria’s Secret.

A tantalizing, thigh-length piece that hangs lankly about your frame, yet manages to accentuate each and every curve in the most elegant, modest fashion imaginable. The cotton knit creation is breathable, keeping you cool no matter how stifling the air around you may become; while the romantic lace and satin ribbon details found surrounding the bust and hem contribute a very sleek, undeniably chic, sense of swank glamour which prevents you from ever looking untidy.

Whether taken home in the winter white or the sweet pink, there are a few requirements that simply must be met:

Satin sheets in a color of your choosing.

A modern-day Marie Antoinette-approved French bedroom design that includes gilded mirrors and vanities, a renaissance headboard, splendrous chandeliers, and a chaise longue for those damsel-in-distress moments that are bound to plague you from time to time.

Draperies surrounding your Louis XIV bed to shield you from the cruel, outside world.

Why such an atmosphere, you ask? Well darling, it would simply be unfair for attire as grand as the Canterbury Knit Nightie to take up residence in a location that is any less luxurious than the aforementioned. Besides, judging by the sweet as candy factor alone, you will most likely find it impossible to ever change out of the nightie in question again; so you’d better be holed up in a glamorous location once you slip it on, for it’s certain to be clinging to your skin for quite a bit of time.

Perhaps all these years I’ve been wrong. Maybe my true bedtime destiny lied not in the baggy bits of bliss I have often turned to, but in short and saccharine frilly pieces that were capable of inducing nothing but sweet dreams. Clearly I’ve learned my lesson...nightie-night all.

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Victoria's Secret for the pictures.

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