Saturday, July 18, 2009

Smitten Saturday

Going Gray I hope you’re not thinking what I believe you’re thinking. But, alas, of course you are. You’re wrong. So very wrong. I’m much too young to go gray; but I am of the perfect number to go gray in a way that is completely unrelated to old age. It’s my fingernails, you see. They fell in love with gray nail polish over one year ago, yet still remain unable to find a color that receives their seal of approval. Until now. There are three shades in question, which one will make the cut is still in limbo. As a child who spent no less than five hours per day playing handball – even going so far as to do so against the living room wall, much to my mother’s chagrin – Carolyn New York’s Handball Courts manages to both bring back so many childhood memories, while simultaneously satisfying my craving for a light gray lovely. Rescue Beauty Lounge’s Concrete Jungle is a darker hued dream that is part neutral, part showstopper, and completely gorgeous. And Carolyn New York’s Hangin’ On the Stoop? To be completely honest, it adds a touch of glamour to the most menial of tasks. Only time will tell which shade I plan on going gray with!

The Fuzz Don’t panic, darling. Forget whatever crimes you may or may not have committed over the years, the police aren’t after you; but you will certainly be after one of these functional yet fashionable Graf & Lantz Zebra Clutches after just one look. Not to worry, these aren’t the type of clutches crafted and purchased to sit untouched upon a dusty shelf in your closet; nor are they very painful to your pockets. In fact, when it comes down to it, the Zebra Clutch is like a girls best friend during long nights out for a few essential reasons: 1) Four pockets within provide a special place for all of your belongings; 2) The colorful felt shell protects your possessions. But the true piece de resistance? They are stain and water resistant. So should you find your clutch the victim of a splash of something wet, simply blot.

The Horsey in My Heart The Little Mermaid. I am not ashamed to admit that the flame-haired Ariel was a hero of sorts to me growing up; what with her ability to sing underwater, befriend sea creatures, and take part in all sorts of adventures on a daily basis. It was she, in fact, who fueled my passion for seahorses. Spindly creatures that were cute, yet odd in appearance and behavior. Of course, once I outgrew my mermaid infatuation I forgot all about them; until now. Humble’s devotion to seahorses via various items emblazoned with their colorful silhouette has reawakened by seahorse obsession. The Seahorse Pillow in its nautical colors; the Organic Tote Bag seemingly made for a day trip to Sag Harbor; the teeny tiny Towels that I love but don’t truly need. It’s present, the horsey in my heart is the one found within the depths of the crystal blue sea!
Glittered Litter I can’t stand them. Litter bugs, that is. Tossing garbage here and there without a care to how much they are hurting the environment surrounding them. I do, however, love a different type of litter. The kind that is glittery and full of sparkle. The kind that is tres chic and magnifique. The kind that is beautiful and bright. The kind that is...created by Litter SF. Get your mind out of the gutter, darling! This is not the type of litter to be considered trash; rather, it is the type of litter to adorn your footwear in the form of shoe jewelry. Now, you know me for my adoration of all things baubly; so it should not come as a shock to you that I find myself in awe over these amazing bits. The gold chain and mesh combo of Walk Away; the dainty and demure pearl and charm mix of Walk It Out; the tough, rocker chick vibe brought on by Catwalk’s blend of studs, chains, and leather. Oui, it’s a form of litter that is completely irresistible!

Bike Love There is nothing more romantic than a bicycle built for two. But for functionality purposes, a bicycle built for three may be exactly what the doctor ordered. At least for the fashionista who is set on schlepping her numerous frugal finds from here to there. A traditional one-seater bike is fashioned with a wagon-like contraption attached via Madsen Cycles’ Bucket. I understand that it is marketed as a way to transport your rambunctious offspring from one toy store to another within the seatbelt-adorned bucket in the back; but as I am young, single, and childless, I simply can’t help but think that this is better used as the essential fashion-forward way to take your farmer’s market finds home, or simply take a nice ride about the park with a pooch or two in the back!

P.S. I Love You Love letters are, perhaps, one of the most divine gifts to receive. But, as it appears that only boys in films who are following a script are capable of writing them, maybe it’s better to hope for a nice little bag made to look like one. Case in point, the Paul Smith Daisy Print Makeup Bag; and the Yves Saint Laurent Y-Mail Tote. One is vintage-inspired and garnished with a stamp that looks like the bullheaded lovebirds Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice; the other is magically metallic with a sassy script that is fawn-worthy. Both, however, are capable of making you feel completely showered with love.

What were you smitten with this week?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Phil Poynter Photography and Litter SF for the pictures.

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