Friday, July 31, 2009

Sashay This Way

Chloe Sevigny. ELLE magazine. June 2009. Fuchsia Louis Vuitton sash cinched around the waist of an impressively affordable black satin Armani Exchange Jumpsuit.

Yes, that is precisely when I realized that one of the main things my wardrobe was missing – aside from a black satin jumpsuit, of course – was a sash. But, alas, even I am realistic enough to realize that a Louis Vuitton sash is well-beyond my means – at least for the moment. I can’t say the same, however, for American Apparel’s The Sash.

Black, sangria, red, lilac, fuchsia, royal blue, aqua, grass, army, charcoal, silver + asphalt polka dot, crème, coral, mauve, orchid, eggplant, teal, mint, forest, asphalt, ultramarine + black polka dot – no, you are not reading the titles of paint swatches at a home decorating store, nor are your eyes deceiving you. In all actuality, this is the color selection of the sixteen dollar scrap of splendor.

Oui, as usual, American Apparel have covered all the bases and made a saucy sash in hues to accommodate each and every color combo you may be flaunting. Perhaps even more enticing than the shades, however, is the versatility factor – the true piece de resistance of the petite package.

I suppose I was wrong, the bib-like necklaces draped about the front of my crisp, peach shirtdress simply aren’t making the statement I was looking for. The Sash in a cool Crème, tied in a big loose bow about the collar will add just the dramatic flair I need to take on the world.

Oh, woe is me, the handbag that I coveted for so many years is finally mine, yet sometimes it appears so blasé and drab, two things that make me want to lock it up in the back of my closet for all of eternity. The Sash, tied loosely about its strap will make a colorful impact that will restore its loveliness.

A two-week cruise through the Virgin Islands sounds utterly luxurious; but when you have the same old black floppy hat perched atop your head for the entire trip you can’t help but feel like a fool. The Sash in a magical mauve is bound to update my look – and my wardrobe!

A pale button-down tucked into gray skinnies, tucked into romantic riding boots sounded like the perfect preppy getup for a weekend in Martha’s Vineyard, but I can’t take the stuffiness. I need a pop of color to cheer up such a low-key look. The Sash in sunshine woven through my belt loops will look luscious, and may just catch the eye of a few cute polo players.

I can stamp my feet as much as I want, but it won’t do a thing. No, my little black dress is going to stay just that…a little black dress – and a boring one at that. But wait, this morning I had The Sash in coral wrapped about my head turban style. Perhaps with a tuck here and a fold there…yes! The haute mess I was worried about has transformed into a good as new little black dress with a kick!

It’s true lovelies, a sash is like the frosting on a cupcake – impossible to resist and oh-so necessary. Are you ready to indulge in one?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to American Apparel for the pictures.

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