Monday, July 6, 2009

Pretty in Prep

The first fifteen-years of my life revolved around prep schools. No, I didn’t actually attend one myself; I was simply obsessed with the uniforms. Call it the Rory Gilmore Syndrome. I believed that the uniforms donned by precocious private school students were hands down the most divine bit of fashion to ever grace the earth, and actually shopped around for items that resembled such style for my own everyday use. Sure, I’ve since come around, and realized that dressing like a schoolgirl isn’t the greatest way to spend your growing years; but I haven’t yet trained myself to ignore the deep, vibrant maroon, navy, teal, and berry colors associated with the haute hallowed halls. And now, Kooba has made it so that I don’t have to, thanks to the release of their NYC Prep inspired quartet of exclusive handbags that make it possible for anyone to join the jet set – at least in terms of accessories!

Jessie Bag In one of the very first episodes of Gossip Girl I fell in love with a gorgeous floppy hat perched upon Serena’s head that was a mix of red wine, maroon, eggplant, and plum colors. It was such a standout accessory that I have never forgotten it. Thus, when I laid eyes on the aubergine-toned Jessie Bag, I couldn’t help but dream of it once more; and covet its look-alike tote. The sassy suede is decked out in gold buckled hardware, and fully lined with a sensational, shimmery satin which makes this bucket bag take on an even more elegant appearance – both inside and out. Just like Jessie, in fact; the character she was specifically created for, whose dedication to throwing decadent parties to show off her designer duds, or raise money for good causes such as Operation Smile work to display a mix of beauty via outwards appearances, and good-nature from within. My fall/autumn wardrobe? If you must know, it’s simply desperate to be accessorized with this beauty.

Camille Bag Camille and her drama-filled, boy-loving, college-obsessing, lacrosse-playing, fast-talking, SAT-taking ways are the Upper West Side ’s answer to the snarky yet sensational Blair Waldorf; and this Camille Bag, what with its gold-toned bar detail, luxurious navy leather color, and hobo-influenced one shoulder strap is the answer to all of your handbag issues. The slight gathered bow-like appearance in the front adds an extra oomph of volume to the shape, making it a bit pear-like in appearance; while the many pockets hiding out inside make it functional, in addition to being flashy and fabulous, of course! When you’re headed off to an interview, it makes you look professional and classy; but for those nights when you’re looking to let off a little steam at nightclubs (an activity that Camille partakes in quite often), it proves to be a low-key yet luscious way to tote your essentials from here to there. It’s a naughty slice of navy that’s so very, very nice!

Taylor Bag Darlings, you know just as well as I do that finding an appropriate bag that can work wonders with a cocktail dress or a pair of frayed denim jeans is quite a tough predicament. Taylor is an expert on the subject. After all, she’s a student at a public, fast-paced magnet school, but the Upper West Side precious has no qualms about partying with the Upper East Side pals she’s managed to become one with. Hence, a bag that works in any social situation or with any set is a must. Not just for her, of course; but for the rest of us, as well! Luckily, the Taylor Bag exudes this ability. The teal leather tote sporting a double shoulder strap comes across as subdued, but once you lay eyes on the gold studding and hardware, in addition to the bronze-hued satin lining, it’s quite obvious that yes, this is a gilded gift for purse-loving fashionistas to shield and protect from the dirt and grime of the outside world forever and ever. Which, oddly enough, is the same impression that came to mind when I was first introduced to Taylor – on the small screen, that is.

Kelli Bag A bold, vibrant berry color looks lovely when seen on the shores of the Hamptons , or when flitting along Park Avenue . It’s also a showstopping shade that draws all eyes to you without a moment’s hesitation. Perhaps that’s why the Kelli Bag was made with the independent, aspiring songstress Kelli in mind. The berry leather bag, like Kelli, is anything but ordinary. The unique shape puts it in a class of its own thanks to the grainy, almost snakeskin-like body, which is reminiscent of the lush chairs found within the privileged offices of prominent doctors and lawyers alike; while the gold accents bring about a lavish splash of class that will make your jaw drop (exactly the reaction I myself had when I saw the inside of Kelli’s Hamptons hideaway). It’s impossible not to feel starstruck when gazing upon this beauty!

Which prep do you want; or should I say, which prep do you want to be?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Shop By Bravo for the pictures.

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