Monday, July 13, 2009

Design Divide

Call it what you will – a classic case of OCD, a need to be in control of every situation, a desire to stay organized at any cost possible. It’s your opinion, so think what you’d like. I, however, am a firm believer in the proverb made popular in 1827 by Reverend C.A. Goodrich, “A place for everything and everything in its place.” It’s a truism, to be sure. One that I hold fast to on a daily basis.

The one area where my life is in complete disarray, if you must know, is my makeup drawer. I have lip glosses scattered here, there, and everywhere – in boxes, under sinks, you name it. Multiple open tubes of mascara are tossed haphazardly throughout the house. And you simply don’t want to know about the nail polish – there’s a bottle or two in my dresser drawer, a few in the kitchen cupboard, and at least five tossed in the medicine cabinet; all different colors, mind you. Yes, when it comes to makeup organizational skills I lack zero. That is sure to change with the introduction of PB Teen’s Classic Makeup Sectional'sPottery Barn Teen coupons.

Washed in a shade of antique white, the Classic Makeup Sectional is something that would put every makeup connoisseur’s mind at ease, and give the adorable aficionado the chance to easily concentrate on applying one’s maquillage, as opposed to focusing on spending hours upon hours on a hunt for the requisite cosmetic.

While the small sectional reminds me ever so much of a pint-sized bureau, complete with two pull drawers and eight little compartments for storing everyday essentials, I find that my affection leans more towards the large offering which is bigger in terms of width as opposed to height, yet still sports compartments galore – three petite pull drawers, twelve open alcoves, and an extra place perfect for sitting a bottle or two of your favorite perfume.

I can already feel it. All of my worries about makeup organization are slipping quickly from my mind, replaced with thoughts of either one of these classic lovelies residing upon my stark white countertop. No more will I forage for my foundation, or be forced to leave the house without my eyelashes properly outfitted in blackest black mascara. With the Classic Makeup Sectionals everything I need will be right at my platinum-painted beloved cosmetics, meet your new home.

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Pottery Barn Teen for the pictures.

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