Sunday, July 5, 2009

Wedge Pledge

Starting today, at this very moment, I am making a change. No longer will I proclaim that I am incapable of walking in anything but flats. My knees will quiver no more at the mere thought of so much as attempting to walk in anything that isn’t labeled with the word “skimmer” or "flat." I will finally give in to my cravings for a bit of height. I will no longer cast wary glances at shoes that provide a little lift; or question how others can walk so gracefully in footwear that seemingly involves so much risk. Non, from this day forth, I am taking a pledge. A wedge pledge, to be exact - women's sandals. For gone are my hesitations; replaced by a burning desire to wear the wedge shoes that constantly call my name.

Colin Stuart "Peep-Toe Wedge" Macadamia. It’s a word that invokes thoughts of exotic destinations; scrummy snacks; and sun, sand, and palm fronds. As a color, it is the perfect addition to your wardrobe, as it provides the same neutral niceties of a nude, with a little extra gray, slightly peachy kick. Thus, the Colin Stuart Peep-Toe Wedge is possibly the yummiest footwear find of the summer. The lush, macadamia suede upper contrasts classically with the off-white, basketweave espadrille heel, so synonymous with wedges; while the wedge itself retains a rope-like, nautical vibe that simply calls for a sailboat, sundress, and a cool breeze. In the daytime, these work wonders with your barely there bikinis just waiting to make their beachy debut; at night, thanks to the luscious suede, you’ll be able to don these with sophisticated ease alongside everything from miniskirts to cocktail dresses. Peep the toes, mas petites!

Forever 21 "Amelia Triple Strap Wedge" Darlings, just because you’re in the throes of a sweltering staycation as opposed to lounging on a beach in paradise doesn’t mean that your footwear has to be wallowing in the same state of misery. A pair of wedges in a resplendent, blooming color like these Amelia Triple Strap Wedge in a pleasing purple is all that you need to add a little cheer to your wardrobe – and your mindset. Adorned with a flashy, high-fashion triple buckle strap about the ankle, in addition to a fierce platform, you’re destined to feel like a supermodel when prancing about in these pretties. And the best part is, you don’t have to deplete your savings account to benefit from this retail therapy.

Tommy Hilfiger "Jade" It’s impossible. Oui, it’s simply impossible for me to resist any type of footwear that pays homage to graceful ballerinas via lovely laces that wrap so delicately about the ankle only to be cinched into a pretty little bow to complete the ideal picture of sweet summery perfection. Which is why Jade, with her availability in three versatile colors – black, Moroccan paisley print, and brown – has so simply become quite the object of my affection. The lightly padded insole and rubber sole make these the quintessential comfort shoe for walking about tourist towns; while the textile upper in lush hues, contrasting colors on the ankle ties, and espadrille-covered wedge keep you looking stylish from the beginning of your journey to the very end.

AmiClubWear "Strappy Open Toe Cage Platform Sandal Wedge" Searching for the crème de la crème of wedges has me feeling slightly cagey. I want something that will make my toes feel easy, breezy, and beautiful. Something that is punchy yet comfy. Daring yet darling. Colorful yet classy. Perhaps my appetite will be satiated by these bubbly Strappy Open Toe Cage Platform Sandal Wedges. The wooden platform is as glossy as a freshly scrubbed hardwood floor; while the cage-like straps are divine in the perky salmon rose, futuristic metallic silver, sophisticated white, and statuesque black hues that they’re offered in. I’ll take the fizzy salmon rose, s’il vous plait.

Charlotte Russe "Belted Canvas Wedges" If Woodstock and Suze Rotolo’s non-fiction literary effort A Freewheelin’ Time are any indication, the fashions of the 60s and 70s were marked by neutral-toned, canvas-crafted wedges, bellbottoms, hippie headbands, high-waisted jeans, the Farrah Fawcett feathered shag, and psychedelic tie-dye. For some inexplicable reason, these retro-styled Belted Canvas Wedges instantly make me think of that era, while, at the same time, retaining a very modern, preppy princess persona that makes them ideal for the fashionista looking to span generations – in terms of footwear, that is. The white canvas is embellished with a tan faux leather trim that creates volume, whilst the belt-like detail at the toe, and buckle at the ankle provide a picturesque pop of gold hardware that is simply magical. How will I style these? With dark wash flared jeans and a loose-fitting, tucked-in white button down. It’s a look that is bound to make me feel like one of Charlie’s Angels!

Have you taken the Wedge Pledge yet?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Victoria's Secret, Forever 21, Zappos, AmiClubWear, and Charlotte Russe for the pictures.

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