Sunday, July 26, 2009

Harness Your Enthusiasm

Forget what you’ve heard, darlings. Contrary to popular belief, harnesses are not relegated to posh equestrians who spend their days in the stables, and their nights hobnobbing with well-endowed friends at chichi country clubs. They are the steel armor strapped about our bodies as we lunge for the last silk scarf at the Hermes sample sale, the reinforced equipment that protects our baubles when not adorning our bodies, and the most delicious garnish to fashion for the foot; especially for the fall boot season.

Dingo “Harness Boot” There are those moments in life when you want all the carefree finesse of a cowgirl, without looking too country bumpkin. It is these times when the Dingo Harness Boot can work its magic in the most perfect of ways. Part country girl, part city slicker, the tan beauties are tantalizing, teasing, and tempting all in one breath. A slight chunk of a heel provides a whisper of added height, while the darker hued harness about the ankle provides the perfect incentive to kick up your heels and hoedown with the best of them. Can I get a…yee-haw?

Amiclubwear “Stretch Studded Buckle Ankle Flat Boot” Knee-highs. Mid-calf. Slouch. Fold-over. Combat. I own numerous pairs of all of the above, yet never treaded the waters of ankle boots. And, quite frankly, never paid much attention to the style until spotting these beauties from Amiclubwear. The four-inch shaft hangs loosely about your ankle to give the boot a slouchy fit only made more prominent by the ruching; while the wraparound buckle adorned with silver studs adds a glittery glamour to the saucy suede style. They add star quality to a casual mini; sophistication to skinnies; charisma to cardigans. I suppose I should simply confess – I want them in all three colors (grey, purple, and black)!

Free People “Barolo Bucket Boot by Jim Barnier” It should come as no surprise to you that I fall in love with a new pair of boots on a daily basis. I attribute this problem to the fact that I spend countless hours each day browsing shoes on the Internet when I’m supposed to be doing more productive things, like meeting deadlines or studying. I’m not ashamed. I’m a girl, and it is our nature to shop. Of course, when one thing leads to another, we end up spending large quantities of money – money that we don’t always have. Which is exactly what I am in dire danger of doing thanks to these Barolo Buckle Boots by Jim Barnier. Distressed yet divine. Dangerous yet decadent. Harsh yet haute. Irregular yet irresistible. Worn yet wonderful. Black. Camel. Either color seemingly has the power to take your ensemble to new heights. Don’t deny it…you know you love them.

Bamboo “Camila-01 Mid-Calf Flat Boot” Three things a girl cannot live without include a pair of:

Riding Boots
Fashion Boots
Rain Boots

So there is no question in my mind that every female in the world should have a pair of Camila-01 Mid-Calf Flat Boots taking up residence in her closet. Two large buckles provide the romantic ruggedness of a riding boot; rubber soles and man-made leatherette uppers furnish all of the requirements of a rain boot. And the contrasting stitching fulfills the fashion boot element. Any questions?

Golden Goose “Chain Boot” We’ve all fallen victim to it. One lone item that is exorbitantly priced but the star of all of our fashion fantasies. For years, mine has been a City Bag from Balenciaga; more recently, however, I have added a new piece to my lust list...Golden Goose Chain Boots. There is no shoe – boot or otherwise – on the planet that I long for more than these. A silver inner zipper corresponds beautifully not only with the studs spotting the harness hanging haphazardly about the ankle, but with the chain slung about the back. Naturally, the chain is removable, making it a cinch to create two completely different looks; but, in all actuality, who would really want to, as these distressed brown beauties are simply perfect as is. To only have $1,225.00 lying about…I think I would be the happiest girl on the planet!

Have you managed to harness your enthusiasm?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Delias, Amiclubwear, Urban Original, Free People, and Madison Los Angeles for the pictures.

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