Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Peace Out

Forty years have passed since 1969, the original summer of love. A time remembered for its hippie headbands, Neil Armstrong’s infamous “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” quote, anti-war demonstrations held at college campuses all over the country, tie-dye shirts, bellbottoms, free hugs, the historic music festival known as Woodstock, and, most importantly, one of my absolute favorite symbols...the peace sign. It’s a design that has lived on for decades, and, to this day, still remains a mark of harmony, friendship, unity, and, of course, fashion! So why not openly peace out?

Target "Long Peace and Love Charm Necklace - Goldtone" A coin-like pendant inscribed with the word Peace. A three-dimensional heart. A feathered wing. A peace sign. Obviously you’ve already figured out the message that Target’s Long Peace and Love Charm Necklace – Goldtone is trying to get across; and no, it’s not just the fact that this is a 30-inch necklace that will do magical things for your wardrobe. Yes, the pendant necklace in question will seemingly take your clothes collection to new heights what with its antique wash and understated charm; but it also promotes thoughts of freedom, unification, totality, and alliances. I can see it now. Janis Joplin. On stage in her floating tie-dye frock. This beautiful bauble hanging from her neck. It’s a piece that works now, and would have made the cut so many years ago.

Urban Outfitters "Peace Ring" You know me for my love of cocktail rings that are large, lovely, and loaded with bling; yet even I can’t resist the easygoing charm of this Peace Ring. A skinny band adorned with a sculpted peace sign, and irresistible in either the polished silver or antique goldtone; this is an ideal piece for the girl looking to let out her inner happy-go-lucky hippie in a very subtle manner. Plus, it makes for the perfect conversation piece with handsome strangers!

Jules Smith "Kiss N Tell Peace" Sometimes the most straightforward way to tell your adoring fans what you’re thinking is to simply spell it out for them. And there is no more tres chic way to spell out your thoughts than via this uncomplicated, effortlessly elementary Kiss N Tell Peace Bracelet by the clever Jules Smith. The sterling silver charm is emblazoned with one little word – PEACE. But that one word holds so much power within; almost as much as you possess as you custom create the Kiss N Tell Peace bracelet of your dreams. If you haven’t realized it yet, you are the one who will do the choosing in terms of what color cord you want slung about your wrist. Will it be the navy, the red, the black, the yellow, or the green? The choice is yours. Kiss kiss!

Free People "Peace and Love Earrings" What’s even better than peace? The added bonus of love, to be sure. Thus, these Peace and Love Earrings are a flawless way to showcase your compassionate side. Crafted of faceted gold nuggets that are elegantly wired together – one in the shape of a peace sign, the other in the shape of a heart – these drop earrings pay tribute to the tender, love, and care that runs through your veins; while adding a decadent, face-framing touch that brings all eyes to your neck and jaw-line. Though the true clincher is the very DIY-inspired detail that gives these treasures an off-the-Richter-scale type of cuteness not seen since your days of eating paste in the schoolyard. Earrings have never looked so yummy.

Charlotte Russe "Stacked Statement Rings" Who said that a statement had to be made by way of an oversized necklace clasped tightly about your throat? To make a true statement, one must say nothing at all, and simply let her hands do the talking; and that is precisely what will be done if you’re donning these Stacked Statement Rings. The trio of burnished metal rings can be worn separately, or as a set; either way they make a very clear testimony to your hangers-on. Each ring proclaims a different message – one is emblazoned with the word Love; another is dotted with peace signs; and still another is modestly encircled with turquoise stones. No matter how you wear them they exude a vintage ambience that is positively impossible to ignore.

Are you ready to peace out?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Target, Urban Outfitters, Jules Smith Designs, Free People, and Charlotte Russe for the pictures.

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