Thursday, July 30, 2009

I Brake for Argyle

Don’t look at me that way. Save your quizzical glances for another. All of the little pink hearts that seemingly appear in my life on a daily basis may have thrown you off; but I have an obsession to confess. It begins with the letter A. Argyle, to be exact. Blame it on the preppy phase that I found myself in during the tenth grade in which I enveloped myself in argyle-printed polos on a daily basis; but the diamond print has never retired from my brain. And now that I’ve discovered Old Navy’s Argyle Sweater DressOld Navy coupons – I approximate that, quite frankly, it never will.

Accept it, darlings, for the fall a sweater dress is an apparel necessity. To put it in more accurate words, in fact, your wardrobe is simply naked without one. It is a single item that countless ensembles can be crafted around; and in a shade as versatile as the handsome Heather Gray, or the glorious Goodnight Nora, it is certainly not presumptuous to assume that yes, your Argyle Sweater Dress is bound to become a saucy staple in your overflowing chiffonier.

Oh, so you don’t believe me…let me put it in a more descriptive manner – one dress three ways.

Tight Out
Claudia preferred to remain trendy with her looks; her mother, however, opted for a more clean style that was proper and preppy. Luckily, Claudia knew how to appease mommy dearest. The Argyle Sweater Dress would satisfy her strict ways; while the black tights and black knee-high flat boots paired underneath would pacify Claudia’s desire for fashion forward fabulosity.

The Flat and the Furious
Wall Street sweetheart Bianca was known for her statuesque height and unbelievable brainpower. The latter never made her self-conscious in board meetings; the former, on the other hand, left her feeling uncomfortable and out of place. She was expected to dress up, and shake the hands of high-powered bigwigs; ones who always clocked in at least three inches shorter than she – when she was wearing heels, that is. But she had to look professional, and her wardrobe didn’t accommodate flats. Except, of course, her Argyle Sweater Dress. With bare legs and black patent ballet flats, she was bound to make a lasting impression on her co-workers – without towering over them.

A Tempting Tunic
It was no use. Olivia wracked her brain, wrecked her closet, and still came out empty-handed. She had finally snagged a date with her dream guy, but could locate nothing worthy enough for wearing on such a special occasion. Her dark wash skinny jeans hugged her lower half tightly; her toes, painted with Chanel Nail Lacquer in Rouge Noir No. 18, slipped into a sky-high pair of black platform stilettos; but the top was a no-show. Then she saw it, the Argyle Sweater Dress. Her roommate loved the piece, but Olivia didn’t think she’d mind if she borrowed it for the night. And on her lithe frame, the dress would fit as a magical tunic, the perfect accompaniment to the rest of her getup.

Tell it to me straight, ladies…do you brake for argyle?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Old Navy for the pictures.

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