Sunday, July 12, 2009


They’re immature and childish, a piece created for preschool games of make-believe and dress up. No! They’re a fashionable piece that is affordable, and an utter necessity to your burgeoning eyewear collection. As you can see, my mind is waging a war amongst itself. Part of me is convinced that heart-shaped sunglasses are juvenile; but the other side believes that they are a spectacular bit of Lolita-influenced fabulosity that must be embraced wholeheartedly. I tend to be leaning towards the I simply have to locate a pair that suits my every desire.

Urban Outfitters "Sweet Heart Sunglasses" What’s sweeter than candy but just as yummy? Urban Outfitters’ Sweet Heart Sunglasses, darling! For $10, these are the quintessential heart-shaped sunglasses for the girl looking to fall in love with a pretty piece of eyewear. Available in a radiant red; a translucent yet pleasing pink; a beguiling black; and a well-formed white, the Sweet Heart Sunglasses make it possible to shower each and every color in your wardrobe with tender, love, and care; while still making you the belle of the ball. One, two, three, four...I declare I need them all!

Forever 21 "Sunglasses" Perhaps the only thing cuter than heart-shaped sunglasses are those sporting a checker pattern so reminiscent of sweltering summer days spent sitting in the bleachers at the speedway. A cheeky checker print has always brought visions of pin-ups posing next to muscle cars, and fun in the sun; therefore, these Sunnies from Forever 21 are simply crying out for a retro bandeau bikini top, cutoff denim shorts, wedges, and the makings of a backyard barbeque. Such a landscape would be the picture perfect scene for the debut of your adorable new accessory – now you simply have to make one last decision...the black, the hot pink, or the turquoise.

Fred Flare "Hard Candy Heart Sunnies" Trust me, it’s not at all hard to see why Fred Flare’s Hard Candy Heart Sunnies are so scrummy.

Tasty colors include licorice, bubble gum, peppermint, and cherry.

Gradient lenses keep the sun out via a deep purple hue which features an ombre-like effect as it morphs into a pale purple.

There’s the option to purchase a pair with clear lenses to embrace your inner geek-chic.

By now you probably don’t need me to tell you this, but I will...they’re magically delicious!

GreatLookz "Glittery Sweet Heart Sunglasses in Red" I’m a girl; therefore I am not ashamed to admit that I go gaga over the mere thought of glitter. The shimmer. The sparkle. The shine. It’s an irresistible addition to any piece that cannot be resisted; which is why, in the same fashion I coveted Dorothy’s ruby red slippers back in my diaper-donning days, I am convinced that my life would be, quite possibly, incomplete without the addition of these Glittery Sweet Heart Sunglasses in Red. As opposed to being bare, or a single color, these specials are covered in a blend of silver and red glitter which surrounds a very unique cherry red lens. Don’t fool yourself gorgeous...summer fun simply cannot be had without a pair of these framing your face!

Juicy Couture "'Love You' Sunglasses" I should just stop fooling myself; I’m obsessed with romance, I’m in love with love, so I clearly couldn’t help but fall in love with Juicy Couture’s “Love You” Sunglasses. As opposed to the brighter heart-shaped sunnies I typically stumble upon, with dark lenses and a more party-girl, playful vibe; this particular piece retains a more ethereal, innocent, romantic touch in terms of the colors – a translucent pink and a winter white – and the more neutral toned lenses which accompany them – brown gradient for the white and burgundy gradient for the pink. They are less obtrusive to the face than their brighter hued counterparts, yet every bit as alluring. To put it bluntly...I’ve fallen in love with the “Love You” Sunglasses!

What about you loves...are you ready to be a heartbreaker?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, Fred Flare, GreatLookz, and Bloomingdale's for the pictures.

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