Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Shy Girl

Hands well-placed to keep the gaze of others out of sight; a physical trick thought up to avoid making eye contact, or as little as possible, to random passersby. A tactic to conquer anxiety. To ward off being judged, forgotten, or even rejected. Pouty red lips puckered tightly, a sign that little to no words will be spoken. A hushed silence destined to hover awkwardly mid-air.

It’s true; she is a shy girl…a mousey mademoiselle trying to find her place in the world. To find comfort in her own skin. And she’s destined to, if the stars lingering about her are any indication. Once those delicate hands are removed from their place, she is certain to shine like a shooting star. She will no longer be quiet and reserved. She will be outspoken and personable. Until then, she remains the Shy Girl.

At the moment? Well, the Shy Girl is exactly what I’m looking for. She is a black and white sketch representation of you, me, and countless others. She is a pretty and petite fashionista dying to break through; to have her voice heard. Her incorporation of brightly colored accessories – like the Blair Waldorf inspired bow haphazardly sitting atop her stringy mop of hair, or the bracelets twirled about her wrist – are just the beginning of the vibrancy that lies within.

A mix between Delia’s other divine creation, the Young Love tee, which I raved about here, and Danny Roberts’ Girls in Glasses tee, which I literally begged for here; the Shy Girl top stays true to the charactered graphic tees Delia’s is known for. Yet the subject matter makes the shopper feel as if the artist has seemingly tapped into her psyche, and uncovered the insecure darling hidden underneath the strong, fashionable façade that faces the world from day-to-day.

It’s a decorous piece that sports a multitude of hidden meanings, while remaining sassy and cute to boot! I’d love to wear her with black tights topped with cutoff denim shorts, flat black boots, a charcoal-colored bow headband, and bangles galore. I imagine that’s exactly what she would want.

What does the Shy Girl mean to you?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Delia's for the picture.

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