Thursday, July 23, 2009

Prairie Princess

Worn-in dusty brown boots cover her feet. Her hair hangs lankly down her back, a tangled mess. Her cheeks are smudged with dirt, the result of having brushed sweat off her face with filthy fingers. A mere squeak escapes her parted lips, her voice is nowhere to be found, the aftereffect of a parched throat. Somehow, even as the victim of such harsh conditions, she is able to come out looking tousled yet taking. A diamond in the rough. Why? She is a prairie princess; her lithe form encased within a flowy Belted Ikat Dress from CR – Charlotte Russe coupons – that keeps her looking simple yet sassy.

Cool chiffon fabric blocks the sweltering heat of the sahara from stifling her trek, while ruffled embellishments adorning the scoop neck, cuffed cap sleeves, and flounce of a hem provide an air of romance to otherwise unbearable conditions. A faux leather belt, coal colored and crinkled cinched tightly about her waist holds her upright, providing the support she needs to make it to her final destination.

Dark browns, turquoises, taupes, pale blues mingle together upon the tribal printed fabric that makes her a chameleon of sorts. A ruse to ensure that she blends in with her surroundings. That she will not be spotted by predators out to capture the princess on a mission. Her accessories are minimal. She allows the feminine frock to work its magic on its own. To fuel the fashionable fire that burns within her.

The sun beats down harshly upon her tan skin, burning it ever so slightly. But there is the sun begins to make its way behind large mountains, settling for the night, she sees that she has reached her stop. Her journey has come to an end. And her Belted Ikat Dress? To be truthful, it has never looked better.

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Charlotte Russe for the pictures.

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