Monday, July 20, 2009

Oh Boy!

Sassy. Splendrous. Scandalous. Slinky. Steamy. Sensuous. Sultry. Boy shorts are proof that you don’t have to show a lot of skin to look and feel all of the above. They’re a flirty, coquettish form of intimate that is a triple threat: alluring, bewitching, and oh so charming. Even better, of course, is that they provide comfort while remaining downright captivating. Cotton skivvies topped with a camisole and you’re coy and kittenish. Lace-trimmed teasers worn underneath a pencil skirt and you’re empowered. There’s nothing stopping you, darlings...get shorty.

Diesel "Fresh and Bright Cotton Stretch Alexyo Boy Short" Blame it on my formidable tomboy years, but I find it hard to resist underwear that sports an elastic waistband with a logo emblazoned upon it. Albeit, I will not wear said logo peeking out of the top of my jeans a la the boys I attended elementary school with during the popular “saggy pants” years; but simply knowing that it is there, for my eyes only to see, is quite thrilling. A form of modern-day fashion espionage, if you will. Thus, the candy-colored Fresh and Bright Cotton Stretch Alexyo Boy Short has quickly become a favorite of mine. More masculine than feminine in terms of cut, there’s an element of bike short beauty here that promises cool comfort; while at the same time maintaining an effortless speck of adorable beauty. I’ll be wearing them about the house with knee-high socks, a slouchy sweatshirt, and a messy bun – it’s a look perfect for a day of lounging.

Fruit of the Loom "Fresh Collection Lace Boy-Leg Panties" Perhaps Fruit of the Loom realized that the heart of a lady lies in lace, for their Fresh Collection Lace Boy-Leg Panties are a little slice of lacy luxury wrapped up in a pretty little bow. You will not find a mere lace trim here, but an entire lace underthing complete with a lacy border in a contrasting color; and, not to be forgotten, a teeny tiny bow embellishment with the power to make Blair Waldorf giddy. The green. The gumball. I’m not sure which I fancy more; though I’m sure my armoire would gladly welcome either – or both.

Urban Outfitters "Lace Boyleg" There’s a part of me that would be quite content spending the bulk of my days poolside wearing nothing but a bikini and sunglasses. It is the same part of me that believes that by simply wearing the Lace Boyleg underneath a pair of skinnies I would be regaled with the same type of relaxed comfort that I garner when attired in a subtle swimsuit. The skintight fit and hipster cut would take on the role of my swimming starlets; while the sheer floral lace and scalloped hem would provide just the right amount of feminine touches to make me feel gaga and girly all at once. Who knew unmentionables could be so yummy?

Bjorn Borg "Fun Stretch Printed Mini Short" You do not have to be a child of the sixties, or a diehard fan of the androgynously cute Twiggy to indulge in a little Andy Warhol-infused, Mod-inspired colors and designs. Relevant instance, Bjorn Borg’s Fun Stretch Printed Mini Short. Turquoises, yellows, pinks, greens, reds, blues, all mingle as one in swirling designs and shapes that adorn every inch of these saccharine sweeties. It’s a psychedelic print that will lift your spirits and lend a retro, vintage vibe to even the most modern of ensembles. Part of me wants to mount them in a frame and place them on the wall as a tribute to Warhol’s muse Edie Sedgwick; while the other wants to wear these day in and day out. Perhaps the best solution is to simply indulge in more than one pair.

Xhilaration "Mesh Ruffle Boyshort" Maybe it’s time to lock up all of my Victorian novels. To put thoughts of corsets, parasols, and ankle-button shoes out of my mind, and live in the present. But alas, my affinity for petticoats is not something to soon be forgotten. It cannot be easily wiped from my brain with a fictional memory-zapping tool like the ones used in Men in Black. Especially since my discovery of Xhiliration’s Mesh Ruffle Boyshort. Silk, satin, lace, be gone! At the moment the nylon, cotton, and spandex combo that make up these sleek, soft, and smooth ruffled rogues is the fabric du jour. Swathed in tiers of lush ruffles and adorned with a ribbon bow, it’s impossible to resist a bit of lingerie as cute as these. Crabshell, Starlet Pink, Turquoise, and more...which is the color you adore?

Have you been bitten by the boy short bug?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Fresh Pair, Target, and Urban Outfitters for the pictures.

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