Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Knock On Wood

Gold and silver reputedly work with anything and everything. Colored baubles are ideal for those days when you desire a splash of luminosity to light up your life. Oh, but lambs, there are others to be considered. What for the brass and copper? The platinum and plastic? The beaded and diamoned? Or, my personal favorite…the wooden?

One day I find myself in a torrent of jaw-dropping jewels draped over my body; the next, I am a bohemian goddess, and I most certainly don’t want to accessorize with the same types of trinkets that would adorn my form at a chichi cocktail party. No; flowy dresses, hippie headbands, draping tunics, sassily tousled bedhead, these things call for minimal accessories. Bits and pieces that will simply add dimension and volume to your look, and enhance your style, as opposed to overwhelming the tree-hugging persona you are trying to put forth. It is coordinates like this that simply scream for big bangles of the wooden variety that keep your ensemble looking effortless yet enticing. Like Lane Bryant’s Textured Wood Bangle BraceletLane Bryant coupons.

The chocolate brown Textured Wood Bangle Bracelet is shaped in a way that makes it retain a very basic air, while sporting bonuses that make it more refined than your typical wooden offering. Grooves orbit the woody wonder; while a mitered edge and silvertone seed beads add a little rock and roll sparkle to the beatnik beauty.

Let it mingle with natural earth tones when you want to blend in; pair it with more classic bright colors when you want it to take center stage. No matter how you wear it, the spicy, free spirit is sure to shine through.

What's your take on the wooden bangle?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Lane Bryant for the picture.

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