Friday, September 11, 2009

Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

At the tender age of four I met a special someone who would change my life forever as I knew it; an influential person with a desire to show me the true ways of the female world – specifically that diamonds? In the words of Marilyn Monroe…yes, they most certainly are a girl’s best friend. His name? Diamond Jim.

Now believe me when I say, I am not kidding about his title. His name is no joke, mind you. Diamond Jim was an Atlantic City entertainer outfitted in a metallic silver suit with a diamond as a head. Yes, a large, sparkly bauble sitting pretty in place of a human face. After an afternoon of traipsing up and down the boardwalk in the hot sun, I would be taken inside various hotels to cool down, and that is precisely where we were introduced. To this day, his twinkling face and words resonate forever in my mind; which explains my infatuation with Abazias.

Oh kittens, you know me, I’m not at a point in my life where I’m looking at wedding bands or engagement rings. Far from it, dolls. But I can’t help but become completely lightheaded and ditzy when the thought of fashion rings and bracelets; necklaces & pendants, and even glittering watches come into play. Abazias, if you must know, has the crème de la crème of all of the above, and so much more. It is a virtual trinket tot lot for the accessory-loving girl – one in which I spend countless hours traversing each day.

Of course, while everything at Abazias is completely covet-worthy, you know me, never one to abstain from picking favorites, there are a few bits and bobbins that stick out in my mind. The 1/3 ctw Rose Gold Interlocking Heart Ring. I’ll be honest…I would love any boy with the good sense to bestow this beauty upon my finger forever and ever; especially if it’s accompanied by a picnic in the park. The 1/8 ctw Diamond Snowflake Pendant would be a sublime piece to follow an afternoon of stolen kisses snatched behind a secluded snow bank. And how on earth could I forget the Round Cut Diamond Studs – a virtual essential for the modern mademoiselle.

Loves, Abazias is quickly becoming the ruination of me; but I suppose I should permit such a ruination to take place – just this once, of course. After all, it was Elizabeth Taylor who said “Big girls need big diamonds,” and Abazias has some of the largest I’ve ever seen – most certainly what the Doctor ordered!

What Abazias piece has you up in arms, dearests?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Abazias for the pictures.

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