Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tightwad Tuesday: Kenneth Jay Lane Crystal Disco Ball Ring on a Dime

I’m a simple girl with ostentatious cravings, which is why I feel a disco ball is much better suited sitting primly about my finger than suspended midair above a sweaty crowd of partygoers decorated with neon glo-stick jewelry dancing to the dull throb of club music.

It’s true; I hold myself, and my jewelry drawer in high regard, and I sincerely think that any girl’s box of baubles is utterly incomplete without a trinket that creates silence when she enters a room. A piece of frippery so fine it stops traffic, makes jaws drop, even holds the power to – clichéd, I know – knock them dead, with a mere flick of the wrist, or a magnificently manicured hand cocked confidently on her hip as she awaits the arrival of a much needed glass of bubbly champagne after alighting – fashionably late, to be sure – at a swanky cocktail party full of pretentious, yet oh-so bored carousers.

Though it may sound like something out of a flouncy fantasy, such a ring is not fashioned out of fabrications or tall tales. It exists, kittens. It’s out there amongst us, adorning the fine and the fabulous; embellishing the prim and the provocative; dazzling the cute and the charming; all in the form of the Kenneth Jay Lane Crystal Disco Ball Ring. One inch in diameter and dressed up with Swarovski Crystals, it’s an extravagance that gives me Saturday Night Fever and the urge to find a Tony Manero of my very own to boogie down with.

But alas, remember what I told you…I’m a simple girl, and this simple girl certainly doesn’t have the means to shell out $100.00 for one ring, and one ring only – no matter how drop dead gorgeous it is. Like with boys, I tire of accessories quite quickly, and would rather buy twenty-five inexpensive bits than just one pretty that I’ll have to wear over and over again until I want to burst into tears. Which is why I think I will invest in the worshipped Disco Ball Ring in question; I’m just going to do it in a more affordable way.

At $6.80, Forever 21’s Disco Ball Ring is every bit as covetable as its Kenneth Jay Lane counterpart, with one – okay, two – small alterations: the price tag and the fact that, in place of Swarovski Crystals, the Disco Ball Ring is decorated with rhinestones – a look that is just as elegant as the original detailing, and hardly noticeable.

Oh, I simply love it, dolls; I’m gauging the exact reaction from all of you that I suspected, the same reaction that all of your admirers will succumb to once they take one look at your lovely new friend. Go on, darlings…put a ring on it!

Spendthrift? Tightwad? Tell me…which one are you?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Macy’s and Forever 21 for the pictures.

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