Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Flat, studded, buckled, knee-high, over the knee, scrunchable, rain, fashion…kittens, you’ve no idea the type of boot collection I have amassed over the past year. I’ve managed to take home just about every color, construction, and height imaginable, yet there is one style that has managed to evade me all this time; a simple look that has never called my overflowing closet home, and that, mes chéris, is the bootie. I’ve replayed moments countless times in my mind, but I truly can’t tell you how I’ve managed to get this far in life without having indulged in a pair of booties at some point in time. That, mind you, is about to change, for I’ve decided to get bootie-licious!

Rampage “Beckett Boot” I’ll be honest darlings, just one look at the ambrosial bow adorning the ankle of little Beckett, and it’s obvious that she is most definitely Blair Waldorf’s footwear counterpart; but perhaps that only makes her more lovable. After all, how could one truly resist someone as glamorous as Miss Waldorf? A slouchy faux-suede shaft adds a bohemian-chic ruching about the upper which would look downright darling if worn with a mini, yet has the potential to be just as fabulous if donned with a pair of well-loved skinnies. It’s probably quite obvious, but if you can’t tell, I’ll simply let you in on a little secret…there’s a beautiful friendship blooming between Beckett and I – one that is bound to take us on glorious walking trips year round!

Candela “Robin Stud Strap Booties” White boots have always frightened me for the sheer reason that I’m worried of being mistaken for a go-go dancer. But in the case of Candela, people can mistake me as anything they’d like, for I simply can’t resist the pristine hue of the Robin Stud Strap Booties; or the scrummy way the silver studding adorns the soft pebbled leather in the same fashion that sprinkles decorate the fluffy whipped frosting topping a cute cupcake. They’re like a motorcycle boot gone glamorous – I think I’ll be wearing them with tights and sweater dresses all winter long!

Restricted “Cozy” I’ll admit that it was a very difficult task, but I managed to come to terms with the reality that I was simply incapable of walking in heels quite some time ago. I accept that bit of knowledge, despite the fact that it nearly killed me to face the truth, and that is the certainty that I would never have the chance to strut my stuff along the sidewalks in Loeffler Randall’s Wendy Knit Cuff Booties, a pair of shoes that I have fallen so deeply head over heels in love with. But I have discovered a consolation in the form of Restricted’s Cozy. As opposed to the nearly five-inch heel, the Cozy has a three-and-a-half inch wrapped heel quite similar to a wedge, in addition to the knit cuff with button detail – the trademark that made me so smitten with Wendy. Ooh, I think I’m about to get cozy!

Aldo “Neher” I’m fighting a rebellious obsession at the moment; a vicious craving for a particular embellishment that Christopher Kane for Topshop brought to my attention – eyelets and grommets. I want them to trim my handbags and adorn my jeans; I covet their appearance on everything from headbands to t-shirts and just about any other accessory or accoutrement you can think of. But, most of all, I long for them to decorate a pair of booties; to add a special spice to my footwear that studs simply aren’t capable of. Thus, I’m obviously in dire need of Neher. These are the true black beauties of the boot world, for Neher embodies both naughty and nice. The slim sole, almond-shaped toe, and leather upper provide a dose of demure niceties; while the back laces and metal grommets add that dash of naughty that is simply too good to resist.

Very Volatile “Alotta” You don’t need to tell me twice kittens, I already know that I can’t wear these, but I simply couldn’t resist mentioning a current bootie lust of mine; and that, mes chers, is the ambrosial Alotta. You probably don’t know this, but I’m quite obsessed with the Victorian era, thanks in large part to my numerous rereads of Edith Wharton’s The Age of Innocence. Alotta manages to capture the time of horse-drawn carriages, pretty parasols, and cantankerous corsets to a T via the buttons accenting her ankle. Slip these spellbinding slippers on your tootsies to add a little vintage flair to your modernistic apparel, and you’ll feel just like a dashing damsel in distress!

Ready to get bootie-licious, darlings?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Shoe Mall, Shopbop, Piperlime, and Aldo for the pictures.

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