Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thrifty Thursday: Prada Butterfly Sunglasses for Pennies

I’m not one of those girls who tosses her much relied upon sunglasses to the wayside once September twenty-first hits, and it is proclaimed that yes, summer is over, and fall has officially begun. Darlings, I live in Southern California – here, it’s always sunny, and bright, and cheery – even when the weather turns remotely…nippy. Therefore, it is necessary to outfit yourself with a pair that will never get old; a shape that will satisfy your style cravings; a frame that will do your face justice come winter, spring, summer, or fall. For me, that is the butterfly.

Not too round. Not too rectangular. I believe that Prada’s Butterfly Frames are a sun-blocking slice of heaven for any face shape – heart, square, round, oval, diamond. They complement in the most carefree, fluttery of ways with their wing-like architecture, providing a wispy, ethereal ambiance to your desired look.

They don’t come cheap, though – like most of the things I fancy. No, you must be willing to hand over $245.00 to claim them as your own; a notion that frightens me given my penchant for carelessly leaving such items on tables in exotic cafés, or hearing the cringe-worthy crunch of them underfoot as I accidentally stomp their beauty to bits.

It’s out of the question. That’s all there is to it. I can’t spend such an elaborate amount on such frippery, regardless of the fact that it’s the style I want. The shape that would do wonders for my face. The prettiest pair I’ve ever laid eyes on. I simply have to put them out of my mind. Unless, of course, I indulge in something more within my budget.

Bleu Dame’s 2245 Designer Inspired Butterfly 2 Oversized Sunglasses, to be quite frank, are my way of achieving Prada style for absolute pennies - $14.80, to be exact. The signature notch cut-out seen about the bridge of the nose, the smoldering silhouette, and even more divine, the colors – monarch, sunburst, pearl, black lilac. I can pick up a pair in each decadent hue, and switch off on a daily basis to keep my look fresh and ever-changing.

Why, you don’t have to be a devil in Prada, you can be a devil in Bleu Dame – and one with money to spare!

Which route are you taking today, loves…that of the thrifty temptress or the bewitching big spender?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Neiman Marcus and Bleu Dame for the pictures.

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