Tuesday, September 15, 2009

In Living Color

If you want to place blame on someone, kittens, by all means, please let it be on Elle Woods. After all, she’s the one I hold responsible for the entire debacle. If not for seeing her purchase a tantalizing tangerine hued Apple iBook computer in the film Legally Blonde I probably would have been completely content with a plain black or silver one; something extremely bland, but undoubtedly functional. After I was exposed to color, however, it was impossible to go back to blah when I could have beautiful. I’ll tell it to you straight loves; I searched high and low for that pumpkin-colored pretty. I scoured websites and browsed stores for ages, eager to make it mine; but when I finally found it, it was out of my price range, and soon after, it was gone altogether. Never again have I seen a laptop that tickled my fancy in such a way; until now. The Mini 10 NetbooksDell coupons – are the new apple of my technology-loving eye.

Now I know what you’re thinking; you are under the impression that I selected this particular piece to fancy all because I can have my pick of any color in the rainbow (red, pink, green, blue…) but that’s simply not the truth at all; or at least not the whole truth. Yes, I am convinced that everyone is more creative when color is involved; but I truly do adore the Mini 10 Netbooks because they put the world at my fingertips at a price that doesn’t knock the wind out of me. And, you know, they are quite pretty. But, I suppose, that’s beside the point.

With the Mini 10 Netbook I can fulfill my dreams of blogging from anywhere and everywhere. Today I may be boasting about a new pair of boots while flying over Brazil; tomorrow I may be chattering on about the newest addition to my cocktail ring collection from some secluded sidewalk café in New York City’s Chinatown. The truth of the matter is, darlings, with the Mini 10, I could be talking to you from locations where you’d least expect me to pop up. The only identifier of my…character? My bubblegum pink computer, of course; oui, if I have concluded anything during all this it’s that my computer, like myself, must be pretty in pink.

Which color catches your eye, dolls?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Dell for the pictures.

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