Monday, September 14, 2009

Goody Goody Gumdrops

I have never met a candy machine I didn’t adore. I know you haven’t either, dolls; no matter how much you argue the contrary. After all, how could you? They were our first taste into the world of illusion and surprise. We would slip a quarter into the little coin-sized slot, twist the shiny sterling handle, and watch as an unknown-colored sweet popped out of the little hidey hole and into our tiny outstretched palm. I always preferred machines like the Wizard. The standalone contraptions that sported neon tubes and lights that your prized piece of circular bubblegum would spiral through before reaching its final destination – your fist, then your mouth, respectively.

But times change, darlings; we grow up and are no longer not, per se, permitted to use the globe-shaped gum dispensers, but expected to be mature enough as to not see the point to. Perhaps I’m not mature then, kittens. Perhaps I’m destined to live a life of fairytale dreams; a Peter Pan existence of staying a youth forever; a desire to leave the real world for the childlike calm of Neverland, for I still adore them. Though not for the reasons one might think. I simply fancy the nostalgia they awaken in me, and the vintage flavor they add to any décor. Their contents, however, I could most certainly do without. In fact, I would be more than happy to replace the sweet confections locked within their polycarbonate profile for something a little more grown-up. Like a Gumball Ring from Rachel Leigh.

I am holding fast to the sentiments that have been drilled into my mind since I was a tiny tot, mes chéris…"If the shoe fits, wear it." I have come to realize that this notion is so accurate for many things in life – especially of the fashion variety; and in the case of the Gumball Ring? It is spot on.

Can you imagine the excitement that would course through your veins as you slide a simple little coin into a candy machine and have a Rachel Leigh original Gumball Ring in one of the four scrummy hues – raspberry, espresso, flamingo, or sky blue – fall into your hand? Ooh, I get chills just thinking about it, lovelies!

I truly can’t tell you if this is the type of reaction Ms. Leigh set out to invoke in her adoring fans, but it really makes no difference to me. I will forever gaze upon these trinkets with the same ferocity seen in a grade-schooler eyeing the last slice of sublime chocolate cake. And one day, when I’m off living in some grand abode, perhaps I will fulfill this infantile fantasy of mine, and fill each room with life-size candy machines filled to the brim with Gumball Rings, all for the benefit of my beloved, bauble-adoring guests.

Care for a goody goody gumdrop, kittens?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Shopbop for the pictures.

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