Wednesday, September 9, 2009

La Bombe

It is not just the re-release of Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte that has given me a taste for fall, mes chéris. The arrival of my Twilight Bella Jacket has managed to do the trick, as well. Suddenly my thoughts are wrapped only around outerwear. Cropped bits that are trimmed with fur, layered with fleece, reversible, and lightweight; metallic or the color of caramel that sticks to your ribs. It’s a splendid thing to dream about, darlings. Truly it is; especially when the piece you’re eyeing is slightly loose about your form, making you fantasize about wearing the flight jacket of a pilot boyfriend off being heroic in some distant port. Oh loves, it’s too good to resist. In fact, to put it in simpler terms…it’s la bombe.

Xhilaration “Bomber Jacket – Toffee” I don’t adore this jacket for the sheer fact that the color matches my hair; please, I wouldn’t fall head over heels for a piece of outerwear for that reason alone. No, it’s the ribbed cuffs, and collared neckline; the deep, button-front pockets and contrasting stitching; the snug yet slouchy sizing. I’m sorry, I simply can’t ignore the divine essence of the Bomber Jacket – Toffee. It possesses all of the elements that true flight jackets harbor – sans the wing pin above the chest pocket – while engaging a weatherbeaten aura that only makes the piece more polished. Can you hear it, kittens? Can you hear what it’s calling out for? Camel-colored riding boots, indigo-hued skinny jeans…and you.

Aeropostale “Faux Fur-Lined Twill Bomber I once fell in love with a boy. He was unbelievably cute, supremely sweet, and amazingly romantic. It didn’t take long for me to realize, however, that it wasn’t him who I was smitten with. Rather, I was, to be quite honest, in love with the jacket he scarcely removed. The hood trimmed in faux fur always made me giddy, and the texture of the twill always felt magical to the touch beneath my Manhattan-polished fingernails. I always wanted that jacket, and now I’ve found it. Aeropostale’s Faux Fur-Lined Twill BomberAeropostale coupons – is a slice of outerwear capable of sparking a whirlwind, winter white romance. The slim fit is feminine, never bulky; while the faux-fur lining possesses the same ability to warm you up as a steaming cup of cocoa. Hmmm…cozying up to the Faux Fur-Lined Twill Bomber almost sounds more enticing than cozying up to a cute boy this fall.

Diane von Furstenberg “Cupcake Reversible Bomber Jacket” Oh please, you all know me well enough to realize that cupcakes and Diane von Furstenberg are two of my favorite things, so how on earth would I possibly be able to ignore the lure of something with a title such as the Cupcake Reversible Bomber Jacket? The black puffer jacket is unlike any other that I have ever laid eyes on before. Three tiers of pleats cascade over its framework in the same fashion that luscious mounds of whipped frosting veil the sugary surface of a sweet treat; and if you tire of the all black palette, there’s no need to invest in a new jacket, simply reverse the piece and wear the floral-print lining on the outside. Two scrummy surprises in one…it’s an indulgence I may just have to make.

Arden B. “Ruched Sleeve Leatherette Bomber” I’m a girl, therefore it’s practically an unwritten rule for me to love the color pink – but I also adore gray. It’s the perfect juxtaposition between dark as night black, and pure as snow white – a gritty noir hue that runs the gamut of being girly glam and guy grunge. Quite a bit like Arden B.’s Ruched Sleeve Leatherette Bomber, if you ask me. Part biker babe, part pilot, the Ruched Sleeve Leatherette Bomber is a sublime piece of wrapping unaffectedly ideal for the girl seeking a slice of city chic to mingle with her desire for warmth. The zip front leads to a snap mock collar so often seen on the jackets of motorcycle riding bad boys; while the ruching, and smocked hem and sleeves add a touch of high-fashion elegance to the style that makes it formfitting and frilly – two things every girl adores.

BB Dakota “Twilight Bella Jacket” I couldn’t not include it, lovelies. Since its arrival on my doorstep it’s one of the only things that I think about – the drawstring hood and midnight blue color; the brass buttons and distressed pockets; the ribbed cuffs and fleece lining. Everything about it screams perfection. I’ll be honest, I’ve never even seen the film Twilight, but I feel that it’s my duty to state that BB Dakota’s Twilight Bella Jacket is a necessity for every girl’s closet. It’s a very no-frills bit that possesses an extreme amount of militant severity which can be dressed up or down with minimal effort. I’ve already decided that I’ll be styling it with white skinny jeans and knee-high brown suede boots for a very citified yet casual look. Oh fall, please come quickly so I can wear my Twilight pretty!

Are you la bombe, dolls?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Target, Aeropostale, Shopbop, Arden B., and Chickdowntown for the pictures.

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