Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Weekend Warrior

I’ve done it, kittens; I’ve achieved the impossible – or at least the imagined impossible…I’ve made it all the way to Wednesday! Please don’t scoff, chuckle, or chortle, mes amours; I’m being completely serious here. Do you know how difficult it is to make it all the way to Wednesday without having a virtual nuclear meltdown when you’re a hardworking college student? Slim to none, to be honest. Therefore having made it to the middle of the week without encountering such a calamity is something that should be celebrated with a little gift or two; a gift that will pay tribute to the thing I love the most…the weekend, like The Weekend Jeans perhaps – Old Navy coupons.

Don’t get me started dolls; I’m already well-versed in what you’re thinking…I’m crazy for wanting a pair of cuffed boyfriend jeans when the weather is just turning colder; the leaves have begun to change colors; and fireplaces have been filled with wood, sending wispy curlicues of smoke into the crisp blue sky through brick chimneys. The very same chimneys, in fact, that Santa Claus will soon be sliding down himself to shower all the good boys and girls with gifts of all shapes and sizes. With that in mind, why on earth would I want to, after months of sweltering heat in which I donned boots and skinny jeans, expose my skinny ankles to a shiver-inducing chill by wearing completely cute, if not necessarily practical, cuffed pants come the cooler months? Because loves, we must suffer for fashion!

Regardless of a little nip in the air, a few goose bumps should not prohibit us from wearing something as adorable and sophisticated as The Weekend Jeans. After all, darlings, just think of the ways they will spruce up our wardrobes from day to night; I can see it now…

You’ll look resplendent in the Blue Jet wash during Friday evening’s girls’ night out. Topped with a cropped blazer, and embellished with a statement necklace, a cocktail ring or two, a kicky clutch, and a pair of simple pumps you’ll swap smiles and seductive glances with handsome strangers over fizzy glasses of champagne.

Drew will keep you cozy, comfortable, and classy on Saturday as you spend the day donning your fixer-upper cap – painting a spare bedroom; toiling around the garden; lounging in the backyard with an ice cold glass of lemonade; or, even better, devouring a childish ice cream cone right at your kitchen counter.

As the weekend winds down, and Sunday arrives, slip on the Weathered shade with a breezy oatmeal colored fisherman’s knit sweater and ballerina flats, grab a cute boy, and spend the day trolling the local farmer’s market, or picking apples at an orchard. If you think it completely necessary, find a big pile of leaves and dive in – your Weekend Jeans want you to have a little innocent fun!

Are you ready to be a weekend warrior?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Old Navy for the pictures.

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