Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dock, Drop, and Roll

By now you’re probably thinking that I spoil my iPod to no end. I’m going to be honest with you kittens…I do. I would die without music, plain and simple; thus, in my mind, my iPod is synonymous with a living, breathing child. As such she should be showered with the same type of tender love and care that one would shroud their own offspring with. Already my tiny trinket is the proud recipient of iPod Socks; but I’m sorry to say that those only protect her from the harsh hazards she is subject to when out of doors. The majority of accidents happen at home; therefore, she needs a secure spot where she will be safe from harm of any and all kind – a wherever that is warm and wonderful; a hangout that is haute yet homey; a pad that is posh yet playful. Quite simply, I’m convinced that she needs an iPod + iPhone Speaker Dock/Clock RadioSony coupons.

So maybe I’m being slightly egocentric here. While my beloved photoelectronic will most definitely benefit from this item, I too have a vested interest in this particular purchase due to the fact that I am sick and tired of awaking to rubbish on the radio. With the iPod + iPhone Speaker Dock/Radio I will never again have to suffer from such a dreadful morning greeting.

Easily slide your wee musical pal into the très chic, sleek, and pristine dock that she will now be claiming as her own personal adorable abode, and set the alarm to the option you’d prefer – to wake up to your own playlist (yes please, mademoiselle!), or allow whatever tunes happen to turn up on the radio to rustle you from your slumber each morning.

No more will your mornings be trampled upon with maniacal musings from musical artists that do anything but tickle your fancy; no longer will your thoughts of your mini mechanism being minced, mashed, or mowed down within the confines of your fashionable foyer or enchanting entryway infiltrate your mind. The iPod + iPhone Speaker Dock/Clock Radio will keep your brain and your eardrums at peace. Now if only it came in pink!

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to SonyStyle for the pictures.

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