Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tightwad Tuesday: Haute Hippie Mini Tutu Dress for Less

I was destined to be a ballerina. If my passion for the form of dance isn’t enough to convince you, then I’m sure the boxes overflowing with tattered pink tutus, ribbed legwarmers, tiny pairs of tights, and shredded slippers lurking in my garage will. But alas, my pliés weren’t perfect, my pirouettes were off-kilter, and my poisson, well, to put it lightly, it was poisonous. Thus, a career as a ballerina was out of the question – at least in the real world.

Let me be straight with you darlings, I’m simply unwilling to accept this fact. It’s a horrid thing to have to succumb to, so I refuse to do it. Therefore, I still practice the art in the privacy of my bedroom. In full dress, might I add. But it’s not enough. I long to don my dance ensembles out of doors. Yet doing so would lead to too many questions, so I can’t. The Haute Hippie Mini Tutu Dress, however, will allow me to decorate myself in full ballerina style under the premise of a little black dress – with a tutu as a skirt!

Yes kittens, Haute Hippie’s Mini Tutu Dress is the answer to every wannabe ballerina’s prayers, for it features all of the elements that we adore about the prima dancer’s dress, and then some. Piles of tulle to construct a tutu-rific skirt; a comfy jersey tank quite similar to a flexible leotard serving as the top; a shimmery sliver of satin, ruched and cinched tightly about the waist in the form of a belt. The only thing missing from this marvel is a pair of perfect, fairy-like slippers for the feet, a few well-placed baubles to enhance the frock’s natural beauty, and, well, the $470.00 required to make it mine.

I suppose I should have mentioned that sooner. The price, that is. Yes, it’s quite high for the girl-about-town looking to add a few special pieces to her wondrous wardrobe on a budget. But please don’t turn sour. There’s a ray of sunshine to this story; a glimmer of hope; a slice of sparkle. And that, dearests, is Target’s Xhilaration Knit Top Dress.

So, it lacks the satin sash, and isn’t outfitted with the same hook-and-eye closure as the Haute Hippie piece, but it has a flair all its own. In fact, aside from the monstrously amazing price - $29.99 – the Xhilaration Knit Top Dress has a few of its own traits that are, if you ask me, quite endearing. Like the V-Neck front and V-Back so often seen on the leotards of professional dancers; the plain pullover style; and even the wearability factor, making it simple to transform this frock from day to night use.

The mere thought of it is giving me mental Audrey Hepburn moments complete with dark sunglasses and perky pewter flats. A few silver accessories, an uptown updo, and I’m set. A starlet in my own right. I may not have the skills to cut it as a prima ballerina; but with the Xhilaration Knit Dress, I certainly have the chops to outfit myself like one!

Are you on the verge of a splurge, or tempted by a tightwad moment?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to SHE Boutique and Target for the pictures.

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