Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pin Me!

Cocktail rings and hairpins; statement necklaces and scarves; bracelets that jingle jangle and earrings that dangle…accessories come in and out of my life through a virtual revolving door, embellishing each and every one of my ensembles and seemingly brightening the day of anyone who so much as glances upon them – me included. But my mess of marvels has always been lacking one sparkly specimen…pins. I can’t say whether I’ve simply never been interested in the sharp accents, or if I unpretentiously never spotted one that made me downright weak-kneed; but I’m leaning more towards the latter, since I have been completely smitten with the Charm School Brooch - American Eagle coupons – since the first moment I set eyes upon it.

Like a red badge of courage, the Charm School Brooch has an air of military mystique to its silhouette courtesy of a handful of charms (a gold medallion, chain link connector, chain drop, pearl and rhinestone, and silver key) that wave carelessly to and fro from the singular safety pin in which they are suspended from. While slight in stature, the mixed metal decoration is a bit of frippery that I simply can’t imagine being without. Why? Oh kitty cats, I can’t believe you even had to ask – because of its versatility, of course! Picture the scene:

Saturday night has arrived and you’ve managed to snag a dinner date with the cutie you locked eyes with on the subway less than a week ago. Your black blazer gives your dark wash skinny jeans an air of swank sophistication – just the look you were aiming for. But there’s a slight problem, it’s like a blank canvas, it needs something snazzy to spruce it up – the Charm School Brooch will do just the trick, and create an amazing conversation piece to boot!

Your new messenger bag is everything you’ve ever wanted – if only the canvas strap weren’t blasé to the tenth power, that is. A glittering trinket would make all the difference. Clip the Charm School Brooch on it, and let the charms swing and sway to their hearts content like a gaggle of giggling schoolgirls with every step you take.

Oopsie, the button just popped on the collar of your crisp white Oxford shirt. Please don’t panic doll, you have the Charm School Brooch in your midst. Slide it into the place of your former button and watch it twinkle in the sunlight about your throat like a stunning spotlight that strikes you and only you.

Obviously, there’s no reason not to…Pin me, darling!

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to American Eagle for the pictures.

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