Monday, September 7, 2009

Pretty, Pretty Paul Bunyan

Of all the things I have longed to be over the course of my life, I have never once desired the title lumberjack. I was always the tiny dreamer lost in fantasies of singing onstage to a sea of adoring fans; the pint-sized pretty imagining a lifetime of nursing sick and injured animals back to health via a career as a veterinarian; even the slightly over the top kiddy awaiting her true parents – a king and queen, respectively – to sweep her off to a spacious castle in a strange and mystical land where she would claim her title as princess. But times change, kittens. The fairytale dreams I once harbored have fallen into a black hole of sorts – one crafted solely for forgotten fantasies. Thus, it’s time to take hold of my inner Paul Bunyan, and channel the chic lumberjack lying deep within. The best way to do that, of course, is by adding a splash of plaid into my wardrobe courtesy of Mossimo Supply Co.’s Boyfriend Flannel TopTarget coupons.

Act as if you can’t see the elegance and grace it possesses all you want, but I simply don’t believe you. If you ask me, it is the Boyfriend Flannel Top that is the ideal way to ring in the crisp fall months quickly creeping up on us. The large buffalo check, the buttoned cuffs, the pointed collar, the chest pockets, the ability to wear it buttoned to the throat, or flying freely about your form. Everything about it screams perfection. But even better is the boyfriend cut – my favorite.

Perhaps that’s it, though. Perhaps you can’t see the femininity within this brilliant piece. Don’t fret, dolls, you know I live to please; so I will do just that by bestowing you with a splendid tidbit of information…if the black and red buffalo check is too masculine for your tastes, simply embrace the Berry, or Yellow Plaid; the Turquoise or Purple. No one ever said that a lumberjack couldn’t be pretty; so dazzle the other timber cruisers and cutters in the forest (or the concrete jungle) by donning styles embellished with splashy shades and poppy prints. Toss back your shoulders, give a subtle hair flip, and be the glamazon of the Amazon!

Don’t you crave the chance to be a lumberjack when you grow up, darlings?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Target for the pictures.

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