Saturday, September 26, 2009

Smitten Saturday

Stud in the Mud It is my conviction that the exact opposite of a diamond in the rough is a stud in the mud. Oui kittens, it’s time for me to reveal the latest in the world of Café Fashionista obsessions, and that, mes chéris, are leather wrap bracelets embellished with savory studs. There’s something quite gothic about the style that is categorically celestial; a juxtaposition between two worlds – the grandiose of the upper class so carefully portrayed by the opulent leather band, paired with the destitute underworld blatantly depicted via the rough and tumble studding. The end result, mind you, is anything but grungy or offensive; quite the contrary in fact – it’s a fashion that presents itself with swank exclusivity which virtually transforms your wrist into a powerhouse full of pizzazz. Smith by Zoe Chicco’s Black Leather Spike Wrap Bracelet would be a turbulent touch to an ambrosial babydoll. Add a kick of color to your look du jour with Linea Pelle’s Skinny and Shiny Dome Studded Bracelets. Allow Vale’s Leather Studded Wrap Bracelet cast a daring dash of dazzle to your assemblage of accessories. Or simply turn heads with a tough girl Studded Pyramid Cuff Bracelet from Cara Accessories. Now…that’s a wrap; and a studly one at that!

Peace, Love, and Cupcakes Oh kittens, I would so very much love to stuff myself with cupcakes right this very moment. To savor their soft, sugar-laden flesh; and fundamentally bask in the glow of their sweet whipped frosting. But alas, doing so would make it impossible to shimmy into my skinnies, so I must refrain from indulging in their scrummy yumminess and merely admire their pretty persona in quite a different fashion: as stuffed desserts! Please don’t tell me you’ve never heard of them darlings, as anyone who adores cute little cupcakes should be privy to this information; after all, stuffed cupcakes, like their true dessert counterparts are just as divine as the ones served up at Magnolia Bakery – the only thing they’re missing is the calories! This Pixie Dust vanilla-scented felt cupcake is destined to reside on a pristine white nightstand located within the confines of a pastel pink bedroom. I plan on piling dozens of these cherry-topped Handmade Mini Softies on my bed for the cutest sleeping companions ever. A White Frosted Plush Chocolate Cupcake with Pink Rose will be awaiting each and every guest at the next dinner party I throw. And a box of these Tea Party Play Cakes will surely make the ideal get well gift for an ailing friend. Of course, if all this talk of cupcakes has made you hungry, I daresay it would be okay to take a petit nibble at a sugary forbidden treat seeing as how September 21 – 27 is Cupcakes Week – so delight in one (or ten), mes chéris!

Jegging Jive Darlings, you know me for my love of all things denim. My closet is riddled with skinnies in various washes and hues; and, nine times out of ten, you will spot me scurrying down the street in a pair of jeans tucked into knee-high boots, cocktail rings adorning my fingers, my hair trailing flirtily in my wake. As much as I loathe to admit it there are times when jeans simply won’t cut it; moments in life that call for something crafted from a more breezy material, something stretchy that moves and groves with every step you take. I, for one, absolutely refuse to cast aside the look of denim in which I hold so dear for the mere sake of comfort. I am, however, not opposed to a smidgen of compromisation; thus, I am willing to take jeggings out for a little test drive. The Legging Jeans in Anvil Wash by Madewell are, in my mind, treading the fine line between lust and infatuation due to the sheer fact that they look identical to my daily denim accoutrement. It’s impossible to ignore the magnetism of the Twiggy 5 Pocket Legging Jean – the midnight China Doll hue alone is bound to keep the spotlight on you when strutting about in these stunners. The heavy contrasting stitching embellishing Bubblegum’s Stretch Legging Jean contributes a playful pinch to the sleek, body-hugging style. And Levi’s Capital E Legging Jeans? I’m going to be completely candid with you here – they’re my current clothing crush! Ready to do the jegging jive, lovelies?

Crimes of Fashion It’s truly lethal to unleash me in a bookstore. I always manage to find myself in the midst of mischief involving the discovery of new tales, no matter how trite. When fall rolls around, those tales turn to mysteries; cozies that require a thick, cable-knit sweater, a warm fireplace, hot chocolate loaded with pillowy white marshmallows, and a plaid blanket to huddle under for optimal reading. I can’t tell you why my thoughts instantly turn to such stories when autumn arises; but I suppose it has to do with the comfortable, homey feeling such books’ put forth. But no, my most recent Barnes & Noble excursion did not leave me with that same family-centric feeling. Instead I found myself bombarded with the discovery of fashion-focused mysteries – there was Handbags and Homicide and Dying in Style; Raiders of the Lost Corset and Spying in High Heels; even Death By Pantyhose. Who knew there were so many anecdotes depicting crimes of fashion just sitting upon bookstore shelves ripe for the fashionista’s choosing?!

Get the Boot! Someone called me, of all things, “boots” the other day. Can you believe the gall; the insensitivity; the audaciousness for an individual to deem it appropriate to bestow such a title upon me? Neither can I. That said, it truly didn’t bother me in the least for I see it as a befitting alias for myself – someone who wears boots on an almost daily basis (even going so far as to pair them with flirty frocks during the spring and summer months); and when not actually donning them, one can find me gazing upon new styles online or in local shops. The truth of the matter is that my thoughts are quite…consumed with boots. In my mind, they are the most splendrous piece of footwear known to man; which is why I can’t help but to believe that they would also make for a fabulous handbag a la Saskia Marcotti’s Bootbag. An ordinary rubber rainboot is turned into an avant-garde purse simply by puncturing the shaft with a hole which serves as a flawless handle. I’ll take the red, s'il vous plait!

What were you smitten with this week?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to We ♥ It and Shopbop for the pictures.

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