Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tightwad Tuesday: Marc Jacobs Stam for a Steal

I’ve always loved her. Stam, that is. The way an ebony-hued blush creeps over her body when glanced upon; the gold highlights that virtually work to both enhance and accentuate her beauty; the pillowy plushness of her form that is oh-so huggable. Forgive me, perhaps I’ve lead you on; perchance you thought I was discussing Jessica Stam. While I adore the blue-eyed, button-nosed beauty whom struts her stuff on the runway, at present time I am discussing her handbag counterpart – the Marc by Marc Jacobs Stam Frame.

It was the vintage inspiration that did it this time, kittens. Though I can’t remember my grandmother, I remember her handbag quite well – a beige number with a gleaming gold kiss-lock closure; the very same type of closure that the Stam possesses. While completely modern and state of the art, it is this very antiquated inclusion, paired with the Chanel 2.55-like quilting that lends an Old Hollywood type of glamour, a Valley of the Dolls influenced tribute, to the accessory, making it a must for my lust list.

Unfortunately, that’s where it will stay; upon a list of items I desire, but may not own for years down the road, if ever; for while the Stam Frame Bag is a divine and debonair reticule full of retro refinement, it is well out of my price range. At $1,350.00 I surely don’t have that type of cash to toss out on a sole item – no matter how grandiose said item may be – and even if I did, once purchased, I would likely have not even a spare penny to carry within its luscious leather folds, having spent the last of my savings on the picturesque pouch itself.

I suppose I should tell you now darlings, when it comes to purchasing accessories, I am anything but a patient person. When I want it, I want it now; thus, I refuse to stand by and salivate over the original. Instead, I have taken matters into my own hands and found a Stam that I can call my own at this very moment. Her name? Samantha.

At $38, Shop Suey Boutique’s Samantha Satchel is the answer to our Stam starvation. Like the lovely it’s modeled after, Samantha is constructed of a quilted, leather-like material that sports an inner zip pocket, in addition to inner pouches with your cell phone and sunnies in mind. But we cannot overlook the two piece de resistance finishing touches: the très air-smooch worthy kiss-lock closure, and removable gold chain shoulder strap – a duo of qualities that make me wonderfully woozy; and seal the deal on this Samantha steal.

I’m dying to know dolls…will you splurge, or walk the trail of the tightwad?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Monterey County Weekly and Shop Suey Boutique for the pictures.

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