Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thrifty Thursday: Alexander Wang at a Bargain

Forgive me, darlings; I’m in the throes of a dissociative moment that has left me in dire straits. One part of me wants nothing more than to cater to the cutie within by donning a dreamy denim jacket that fits my ambrosial persona to a T; while the other side of my brain is working overtime to awaken my well-hidden incorrigible stand; my disobedient direction. The end result is complete disarray, utter anarchy, and massive confusion. I have tried so very hard in the past to accommodate the warring words in my mind simultaneously, but it simply doesn’t work. Pleasing both innocence and naïveté while attempting to stroke the ego of my rebellious, rogue half is, easily put, impossible. Until now, that is.

Alexander Wang’s Faded Denim Jacket with Leather Sleeves is the answer to my muddled thoughts and chaotic wardrobe malfunctions. No longer do I have to choose between dainty denim or radical leather; I can enrobe myself in both, all at the same time. Like the typical “jean” jacket, the body is fabricated completely of denim, even going so far as to host a fold-over collar (perfect for popping on nippy nights), flap chest pockets, and silver hardware for when you need to button up. That is where the typical traits end, kittens.

No loves, the sleeves are not constructed of denim; they’re made of a lush leather that slides over your arms seductively, and keeps the goosebumps away via a polyester lining. Yes, I’m completely convinced. I must make the Faded Denim Jacket with Leather Sleeves mine. But I can’t. Dolls, as much as thoughts of this slight slice of splendor lace my daydreams, I most definitely cannot afford its $595.00 price tag. That’s more like my budget for an entire six months or more, not a one-item budget. Farewell piece of mind; so long restful sleep. I suppose I must return to my former baffled state. Unless I lay out the cash for a piece that lacks the Wang label, but accommodates the Wang style.

Yes mes chéris, it’s true…we can quiet the fighting in our genius, and delight all manner of personality that may plague us by way of Silence & Noise’s Rally Jacket. At just $138.00 Silence & Noise’s outerwear effort is just as desirable as its runway ready ringer, with the minor difference of faux leather embellishing the collar and epaulets, instead of Wang’s chosen denim. Face it dearests, it’s a fashionable fantasy right at your fingertips.

What’s your stand…will you splurge, or save?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Shopbop and ShopStyle for the pictures.

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