Friday, September 25, 2009

Four Square

If you want to cut it in my closet, you must have the ability to morph yourself into whatever style I see fit at that particular point and time. You must mold yourself to my every whim and hair-brained ideas. And you must retain the comfort of a well-loved cardigan while preemptively displaying cutting edge characteristics. Laugh your pretty little heads off all you want darlings, such a wardrobe staple does exist in the form of KORS Michael Kors Frannie Zipper Boot.

Frannie is the footwear of choice for the girl who simply can’t make up her mind regarding the height of boot that she wants to add to her collection – the bootie, mid-calf, knee-high, or over the knee. Instead of forcing the petite femme to make a haphazard decision which she may regret later this four in one gives her the ability to change her mind whenever she sees fit. How? Zippers, of course!

Three sets of zippers embellish Frannie’s tall frame, each one possessing the power to change her appearance in mere moments. But the true crème de la crème of such a creation is the fact that, when worn at her full height, the zippers never look awkward or out of place – instead, they contain a very vanguard, state-of-the-art ambiance that serves to decorate and enhance her offbeat beauty.

I am fully aware that these boots, at $595, would qualify as a splurge; but with such versatility, I’m quite sorry, but this is one game of Four Square I can’t help but get excited about!

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to InStyle and Michael Kors for the pictures.

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