Sunday, September 13, 2009

Twenties Girl

Kittens, I would seriously like to know…who on earth told you that just because you are living in the twenty-first century you must dress the modern part? There are no regulations that prohibit you from dressing like a flapper if you feel the need to; no stipulations that say you must follow the style of current celebrities as opposed to Fitzgerald’s dainty Daisy Buchanan, or the pouty Clara Bow. The point is, mes amours, if you feel like taking a style cue from the beauties of yesteryear – fictional or not – do it. Cast modern society rules to the wayside and embrace the flapper within – even if just for a day!

Forever 21 “Ruffled Tiered Dress” Take it from someone obsessed with the 20s era; a flapper is not judged by how many fringes or feathers she has draped over her lithe form, the true test of flapper fashion is to ensure that the frock has the ability to move, shimmy, and shake with every step that the wearer takes; Forever 21’s Ruffled Tiered Dress has that ability. Although not dripping with fringes or harboring a drop-waist, the tiered ruffles give the charmeuse satin material a very flowy, ephemeral vibe that is both dreamy and captivating; while the jade hue adds a modern twist to a vintage style. All that’s needed now is a long pearl necklace and a little jazz, and you’re good to go!

Aqua “Black Fringed Cotton Dress” Perhaps the most divine thing about fringes making a comeback is the fact that many flapper dresses have the ability to bridge the gap between 1920s refinement, 1970s hippie, and modernity depending on what accessories you slip on with them; case in point, Aqua’s Black Fringed Cotton Dress. Embellished with swingy black fringes that match the all-black palette, you can go completely 20s with bare legs, t-strap pumps, and a flapper headband; or rock out with smokiness from head to toe – black tights, black booties, chunky black jewelry, and dark makeup. It’s a dress that works no matter what mood you’re in. I, however, still want to don it while doing the Charleston with a dapper boy.

Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent “Fringed Hem Tank Dress” I am a firm believer in the fact that, to truly show off ones frippery and finery, you must do so in comfort, and nothing screams comfort like an embellished tank dress such as Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent’s Fringed Hem Tank Dress. As if the champagne colored frock and sophisticated silhouette aren’t enough to draw you in, the fringed hem creates a classic flapper style that will captivate audiences without going overboard – ideal for the girl who wants to make a vintage splash sans the loss of her avant-garde flair!

Silence & Noise “Coated Chiffon T-Shirt Dress” There comes a time in life when you fall head over heels in love with something for no explicable reason. I have just fallen victim to this, darlings, in the form of Silence & Noise’s Coated Chiffon T-Shirt Dress. Despite the fact that I have been bombarded with images of sleeveless flapper dresses, women of the 1920s did drape themselves in frocks with fluttery bits about the arms at times, and the Coated Chiffon T-Shirt Dress is undoubtedly a glamorous representation of this. Regardless of the fact that the entire shift is crafted of cotton, it manages to pick up the light and make you shimmer and shine in a way that looks as if you’ve been drenched in water; while at the same time retaining a very casual yet completely sleek silhouette that hugs your curves yet drapes loosely about your form all at once. My mind is made up…I want to live in this dress!

Free People “Shake It Fringe Dress” Bohemian breeding, flapper finesse. Yes, the true allure of the Shake It Fringe Dress is its ability to juxtapose between two completely different eras, yet pay homage to both of them in the most lovely of ways. Controlled fringe detail adorning the bottom hem and neckline provide a minimalist tribute to the Roaring Twenties; whilst the subtle ombre and lace crochet of the dress add a sense of dainty hippie to the look that is both versatile and elegant. Is it just me, loves, or do you also have the urge to find a lacy headband (perhaps one embellished with a flourishy flower) in a decadent hue, and pair it with this pretty?

Tell me kittens…do you want to be a flapper for a day?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Forever 21, Bloomingdale’s, Urban Outfitters, and Free People for the pictures.

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