Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Fuzz

When I was eight-years-old, my younger sister (then four) proclaimed that she was going to be a gorilla when she grew up. Not a doctor or a fireman; nor a singer or nurse…a gorilla. At the time, I made fun of her to no end; but I suppose that now I have no grounds to criticize such a declaration due to the fact that, at present time, I am harboring similar dreams. Oh, don’t get me wrong darlings, I don’t have a desire to grow fur and run around a tree-covered jungle making ape-like sounds; I do, however, have a craving to prance up and down the sidewalks of the concrete jungle wearing something so often embraced by our forest dwelling counterparts, and that, mes amours, is a faux fur vest!

Joie “Glimmer Faux Fur Vest” Spotted…a garment that will instantly transform you into Almost Famous’ bewitching band-aid Penny Lane the moment you shrug your shoulders into its furry folds. I’ll admit it, I’ve been head over heels for Penny Lane from my first introduction to her over five years ago, and her style has never evaded my mind. For years I have been on the hunt for a faux fur vest that is shaggy while still retaining a smart, silky silhouette – much like the one Penny Lane herself wore while touring the country with an out-of-control rock band. At last, I have found the drapery of my dreams in the construction of the Glimmer Faux Fur Vest. Slightly longer than typical vests of its kind, the Glimmer Faux Fur is a lustrous way to liven up any en masse, due in large part to its milky moon complexion. Toss it on over an earth-toned flowy frock for a bohemian deity presence, or pair it with skinny jeans and riding boots for a more modish look – the choice is yours. Joie to the world, kittens!

Forever 21 “Belted Faux Fur Vest” Owning Forever 21’s Belted Faux Fur Vest was written in the stars for me; it was part of my destiny. One day I allowed it to slip through my grasp, the next another opportunity to own the fantastic fuzzy presented itself to me, and I literally pounced at the favorable circumstances. Thus, I know it was meant to be. At less than thirty dollars, the Belted Faux Fur Vest is an affordable way to get your faux fur fix, without forfeiting fabulosity. The chartreuse shading is a clever mix of green and yellow tincture which creates a pale brown/blonde blush, making it a simple morsel to mingle with just about anything lurking in your closet. But the true slice of splendor lies in the removable satin self-tie elastic belt which adds a double dose of volume and savoir faire to the topper. To cinch the waist or leave it freely flapping in the wind, that is the question.

Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent “Faux Fur Collar Vest” It wasn’t Olivia Palermo’s sharp-tongue or lustrous locks; her wide array of cocktail rings or her Hermes Birkin that made me fall under her stylish spell. It was, in fact, a black fur shrug perched atop her shoulders that lured me in. A shrug quite similar to a covering crafted by Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent, in the form of the Faux Fur Collar Vest. While not a jacket, nor a complete vest, the Faux Fur Collar is a swanky sampling full of the type of posh prestige one can imagine spotting at a champagne-charged cocktail party. Encrusted with ebony faux fur that whiskers out in a very feather-light fashion, the Faux Fur Collar Vest seems a peerless topper for all matter of evening wear – from elbow-length gloves to big as a house diamonds. If you’re truly courageous, toss it on with a pair of painted-on liquid leggings and sky-high ankle booties for a look that will turn-heads.

BB Dakota “Potter Faux Fur Vest” Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear… but even he can’t hold a candle to a glamorous gal decked out in BB Dakota’s Potter Faux Fur Vest. Potter is an exemplary way to have your cake and eat it too. The dark, coffee-toned dye proffers a très rugged complexion; while the silk-influenced lining coupled with the heavily-fluffed nape provides a subtle urbane aesthetic that makes the piece dually refined and wearable. The fact that it harbors a very aged, vintage effect? Well lovelies, that only adds to its debutante charm and manipulative intrigue.

Damselle “Faux Lynx Fur Vest” I am a dizzying individual – one day I adore black the next I’m all about white, and after that I may follow in Picasso’s footsteps and succumb to a blue phase. The truth is darlings, when it comes to color I often find myself slightly scattered; hence the reason why I turn to bits and pieces that harbor a handful of hues, as opposed to a single solitary one. In this case, I have my sights set on Damselle’s Faux Lynx Fur Vest. Gone are my concerns about choosing a color I will be able to tolerate for years to come, as the Faux Lynx Fur Vest is home to a few neutral tones that will virtually work with anything you have on – splashes of beige dance with leopard spots; flurries of fawn frolic with silver; it’s a motley crew of stains that burst forth in the most brilliant of ways. I hope this isn’t too forward, but…I think I love you!

Ready to get fuzzy, kittens?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Shopbop, Forever 21, Fred Flare, and Nordstrom for the pictures.

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