Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Totally Tubular

Accessories are my BFF. They are so much easier to locate at a moment’s notice than a living, breathing gal pal when an urge to shop strikes; plus, they never try to steal the cute boy who happens to catch your eye while waiting in line for your Grande Light White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino at Starbucks – although they may attempt to swipe the spotlight with their shimmer and shine, or dazzle him with their grandiose glamour. Admit it, there’s no finer friend than a cocktail ring who can swathe you in radiance; no more valuable companion than a statement necklace with the ability to make you sparkle; no classier cohort than a flamboyant charm bracelet tinkling in glee with your every move. But don’t worry kitty cats, your supplementary sidekick need not be of the twinkling variety. Hence the reason why my fall accessory du jour is not the cord bracelet or the pendant necklace; nor a floral-shaped bauble or a Swarovski-encrusted bit dangling from my ear. Rather, it is…le tube scarf.

Twinkle “Just In Case Scarf” Darlings, just in case you thought it possible to survive without a tube scarf, Twinkle is here to prove you completely wrong via their Just In Case Scarf, a piece that your accessory drawer is completely naked without. No longer do you have to struggle with tying your scarf in an acceptable fashion, or worry about it slipping from your shoulders when skedaddling for the subway, the Just In Case Scarf stays in place from the moment you put it on until you deem it appropriate to take it off, while making you look and feel like a seductive little ski bunny. Hippity hop, kittens!

DKNY “Lambswool/Cashmere Infinity Scarf” Haven’t you always wanted to be her? Oh, good grief, I can’t believe you’ve no idea who I’m talking about…the lady in red, of course! I’ve always craved such a caption to accompany my entrance into a room, but I’ve never felt flippant enough to flounce into a crowded space covered from head to toe in crimson – it simply seems too outwardly cheeky a thing for me to do; yet the Lambswool/Cashmere Infinity Scarf in the flirtatious Flame pigment is giving me courage – if only subtly. Wrap it around your throat for a pop of color that will make heads turn and bring an alluring blush to your cheeks. Who knows lovelies, someone may even refer to you as the lady in red.

Nordstrom “Airy Shadow Stripe Cashmere Wrap” There’s something to be said for an accessory that has the power to hug and keep you warm from top to bottom in the same fashion that a cute boy can; hence the reason why I’m so smitten with Nordstrom’s Airy Shadow Stripe Cashmere Wrap. The crafting is just as soft, cozy, and familiar as a much-loved blanket; while the length gives you the ability to tie it tube-like around your neck or allow it to hang haphazardly over your shoulders for a more casual effect. But alas, not all decisions are as simple as styling, cupcakes; sometimes the real issue in question is deciding upon a singular color that will keep your closet chipper from season to season. I’m convinced that Ivy League would so perfectly complement my complexion and eyes; Turkish Blue would look marvelous with denim; and we can’t forget how intriguing Ivory would look frosting any and all of your wardrobe staples. I understand that it’s most likely out of the question, but can’t I just have them all?

Bop Basics “Thick Knit Eternity Scarf” Love at first sight doesn’t strike often kittens, but when it does, you must act quickly; thus the reason why I scooped up the Thick Knit Eternity Scarf within moments of laying eyes upon it. There’s something about cable knit anything that makes me downright punch-drunk – especially in a hue so reminiscent of steaming cocoa – so I couldn’t help but allow myself un petit splurge. But it was worth it. Can you imagine how divine such a piece will look slung around a jewel-toned sweater come winter or topping a cropped blazer for a little get-together with the girls? I have a feeling that I’ll be adoring this little knit for all of eternity!

Echo “Double Infinity Scarf” Forget what you’ve heard (if you’ve heard anything, that is), texture and volume are not terms applicable only to hair. No, when it comes to clothing – in this case, accessories – they are a double whammy of words that describe the same type of decadence synonymous with the fluffy whipped topping that veils sugary cupcakes. Case in point, Echo’s Double Infinity Scarf. As if the majestic Regal Purple color weren’t enough to make you giddy, the way in which the irresistibly soft material swoops and loops around your neck like a glamorous merry-go-round most certainly will.

Ready to get tubular, mes chéris?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Shopbop, Bloomingdale’s, and Nordstrom for the pictures.

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