Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cherries Jubilee

I suppose I simply assumed that I would easily overcome my infatuation with statement necklaces; bib-like baubles that hang casually from your throat yet have the influence and power in their petit mixed metal bodies to assist you in channeling your inner seductress. That hypothesis was virtually cast out the window the moment my eyes landed on the Chunky Mixed Bead NecklaceLane Bryant coupons.

I am a firm believer in wearing the colors that so perfectly portray the season at hand; therefore, it’s merely impossible for me to simply turn away from the oh-so fall influenced hues that make up such a piece of frippery. The beads dangling haphazardly from the matte finish metal chain are some of the most captivating one may ever hope to see up close and personal; a blend of warm spice tones starting with a ravishing red, and moving towards pumpkin shades and burnt siennas, each one virtually devouring a bead of all different shapes and sizes.

And the possibilities for such a piece of finery…I’m sorry, but there are too many even to name; but I’m not one to tease mes chéris, so of course I’m willing to offer up a teeny tiny dose of styling ideas that I would deem utterly delightful should I find the Chunky Mixed Bead Necklace residing in my own jewelry collection:

A plain white tee would be given the royal treatment with a little sprucing up from such a pretty. Toss on a boyfriend blazer for a little burst of definition, and, quite frankly, you’re a star!

Don’t allow your LBD to go unaccessorized darlings; clasp the Chunky Mixed Bead Necklace about your throat to add a mind-blowing smattering of Middle Eastern inspiration that will leave you with the urge to kick up your heels and dance – with a glass of fizzy champagne in your hand, no doubt.

Who said necklaces were a no-no when out for a day at the pumpkin patch or picking apples at the local orchard with a cute boy in tow? Certainly not I. Sure, your cream-colored turtleneck looks lovely; but the autumn shades proffered by the Chunky Mixed Bead Necklace would undoubtedly make it lovelier.

Do you have a taste for cherries jubilee, kittens?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Lane Bryant for the pictures.

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