Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Swingin' Sister

I suppose you could think of it as a ridiculous abomination of sorts; a miniscule form of a fiasco even. Here I am, an individual who is scarcely seen donning anything other than skinny jeans, let alone a dress, yet I’m coveting a particular style of coat that seemingly is a frock; and a flirty one at that. A piece of outerwear that swishes about the lower half of one’s body like a silky sleeping gown being rustled by a cool fall breeze; a heavy accoutrement that pays tribute to the days of babydolls gracing the runways. But perhaps that’s just it. Perchance the main reason why I have been afflicted with the worst possible cravings for a swing coat lies not in its stylish swooshing abilities, but in the petite fact that it gives me the opportunity to feel as if I’m wearing a frilly, feminine form of finery; despite the fact that…I’m not. Ooh, with incentive like that I feel it’s only my proper duty to become a part of the swingin’ revolution!

Forever 21 “Swing Pea Coat” If not for Blair Waldorf’s red coat, I think it’s probable to say that I never would have felt confident enough to don a winter coat in any color other than black, white, or gray; but given the headband-adoring darling’s penchant for wearing such a show-stopping piece of outerwear, I see it only right to pay tribute to her via Forever 21’s Swing Pea Coat. While not as daring as a coat colored candy apple red, the purple hue of the Swing Pea Coat adds a splash of polished, first-class elegance to your look that is part pretentious Park Avenue princess part modern-day Lolita due to its playful yet refined aesthetic. Really…with a combination like that, how can you possibly resist?

Armani Exchange “Swing Coat” Don’t hate me for admitting this kittens, but I adore drama; hence the reason why I devour guilty pleasure reality shows like The Hills with the same type of fervor that one puts away cupcakes from Sprinkles. When it comes to Armani Exchange’s Swing Coat, however, the type of drama on the tip of my tongue certainly doesn’t revolve around catfights and bickering between tanned blondes; rather it refers to the high-definition sculpture of the tailored bodice which subtly spills into a full, gathered skirt to create a pristine, high-fashion silhouette that looks ravishing whether worn open or buttoned to the throat. Cliched, I know, but this is one dollop of frippery that is magically delicious!

Hot Kiss “Fleece Puff-Sleeve Coat” Contrary to what many believe, puff sleeves are not synonymous with gruff, rough and tumble pirates out to launch a mutiny, commandeer a cruise ship, or force damsels in distress to fearlessly walk the plank a la Peter Pan’s Wendy Darling. When taking Hot Kiss’ Fleece Puff-Sleeve Coat into consideration, it is evident that puff sleeves have the power to invoke thoughts of the flowy styles worn by Juliet Capulet in Shakespeare’s tale of star-crossed lovers, in addition to romanticized heroines throughout the ages. From the top, the Fleece Puff-Sleeve Coat looks like your typical piece of warm weather wear. Once you hit the waistline, however, it billows out in a sweet, fluttery skirt, which only looks more endearing when viewed alongside the full bell puff sleeves. Honestly, I’m contemplating wearing this as a dress and nothing more; imagine how gorgeous it would look with patterned or colorful tights worn underneath!

DKNY “Julianne Single Breasted A-Line Coat” There is a lot to say for a bit of outerwear that features little surprises scattered here and there; and perhaps the most fabulous treat of all in regards to DKNY’s Julianne Single Breasted A-Line Coat lies not in the uniqueness that its single line of buttons presents down the front, nor the empire waist cut; rather, the slices of splendor that set it apart from its swingy counterparts is the fashionable yet functional hood which can be removed at a moment’s notice, and the hidden slit pockets ideal for those nippy moments when your fingers must dive headfirst into a cozy shelter to keep from becoming frostbitten. These two features alone make Julianne a true blue (she is navy, after all) friend perfect for keeping you warm amidst the winter wonderland surging around you!

VIA “Sculpted Coat” In the fourth grade I went through quite a phase. I fell head over heels in love with the writing of Frances Hodgson Burnett and imagined myself to be the character of the hardship ridden pampered princess, Sara, of A Little Princess; despite the fact that I had all of zero hardships to deal with. I only wish that I had owned VIA’s Sculpted Coat at that time, for I imagine it to be just the piece to make a girl feel like a true princess. A peter pan collar and pleats along the front provide a sense of grace to the charcoal heather, wool-crafted garment; while hidden snap closures bestow a genteel air to the look, assisting it in coming across as an entire ensemble, and not just an overcoat. I may have outgrown my Burnett obsession, but it’s certainly never too late to indulge in a smidgen of flouncy finery!

Ready to become a swingin’ sister, darlings?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Forever 21, Armani Exchange, Alloy, Bloomingdale’s, and Victoria’s Secret for the pictures.

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