Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Short Story

Kittens I’m beginning to think I’m the biggest fool on the planet. Here I was depriving myself of splurging on a pair of shorts simply because the weather has transformed from sultry and sweltering to brisk and beautiful, when such a change in the forecast should certainly not dictate whether or not one outfits oneself in accoutrements more common during the warmer months. Just as you do not cast your miniskirts aside when winter sets in, there is absolutely no reason to bury your shorts in the back of your closet where they are destined to collect dust until summer once again rolls around. Non, it’s certainly more worth your while to make shorts a part of your wardrobe year-round, simply by adding a few more sophisticated selections to your trousseau, and taking a middling amount of styling tips from Blair Waldorf herself.

Current/Elliott “The Boyfriend Short with Studs” I’m truly not being ornery here by stating this so bluntly, but honestly, I think there is no more amazing way to wear a pair of embellished denim like The Boyfriend Short with Studs than by tossing them over a pair of opaque black tights. During the spring and summer months you have the option of donning them with bare legs; but come fall and winter, the layered look will keep you warm while retaining classic savoir faire. Slip your feet into a pair of matching black booties or ballerinas to trick the eye into believing that your legs go on for miles – it’s a sneaky way to boost confidence and attract suitors; two things I’m sure Current/Elliott certainly didn’t anticipate when they crafted such a fabulous piece!

Arden B. “Sequin Boy Short” Darlings New Year’s Eve is just around the corner; thus, if you feel uncomfortable displaying sequins year-round, now is the time to do so – after all, everything shimmers like a disco ball around the holidays so why not your derriere? Arden B.’s Sequin Boy Shorts are perhaps your best sparkling selection. While they have the cut of risqué hot pants, metamorphosing them into something elegant is an absolute cakewalk with mile-high heels and tights. Admit it, when embellished with these stunners your lower half is bound to burble with the same type of enthusiasm as an about-to-pop bottle of fizzy champagne – and really, who can resist that?

The Gap “Wool Shorts” I never thought my fascination with Oliver Twist’s wardrobe would stretch beyond my love for newsboy hats, but I simply can’t resist the brown tweed sophistication of The Gap’s Wool Shorts. There’s something very high-fashion about the oh-so-affordable garment that effortlessly bridges the gap between city-chic and street urchin. Attribute it to the minute pleats embellishing the front or the cuffed-leg openings that mimic a très slouchy yet undeniably smart silhouette which make it easy to hold fast to your dapper style when donning them in the office or during nights spent on the town – either way they spell fabulous and are destined to become a staple in your fall wardrobe. Don’t deny it dolls, Charles Dickens would be proud.

Urban Outfitters “Fletcher by Lyell Silk Tap Short” All those years of childhood dance lessons did not prepare me for the excitement that overwhelms me each time I spot ballerina-inspired tulle, tights, or, in this case, Fletcher by Lyell’s Silk Tap Shorts. Silk is a powerful material – seductive and sensual; whisper soft to the touch, yet raucously noisy in terms of sight. Therefore it is a fabric that every girl should have in her life; and the best place to start is, without a doubt, a pair of shorts that will slither over your body in the sauciest of ways and make you feel like a graceful gazelle with the power to dance your heart out, even if you were born with two left feet. The high-waist works wonders when partnered with a blousy, romantic top; while the wide leg invokes a Hefner-esque, pajama-like comfort that is simply irresistible. These shorts were made for taunting…cute boys, that is!

Robert Rodriguez “Leather Shorts” I see it as an unspeakable tragedy for any proper female of the Twenty-First Century to have a wardrobe devoid of a pair of leather shorts. If the runway has taught us anything over the past year it is that we don’t have to feed our leather cravings simply via scandalous bralettes or bustiers covered up with bulky sweaters or bomber jackets. As long as done tastefully, we can channel our inner biker babe and rock luscious leather in a statement-inducing way capable of making heads turn – case in point, Robert Rodriguez’s Leather Shorts. A cuffed hem and longer length balance out the lacquered look of the style producing a covering that easily works with bare legs or patterned tights. Now all you need is a Harley and you’ll be the belle of the biker ball!

Ready for a short story all your own, darlings?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Shopbop, Forever 21, The Gap, and Urban Outfitters for the pictures.

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