Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Serenity Now

I have tried yoga in the past. The non-stop raves I’ve heard from people always piqued my interest; and seeing the radiant Gwyneth Paltrow tote a yoga mat all over New York City and London was enough to make me realize that this could, quite possibly, be the sport for me – minimal sweating, cute clothes, peace and quiet. Really darlings, it sounds like a pricey, private resort getaway one would embark on for a weekend with the hope of unwinding and indulging in a little me time. But it didn’t work. Oh, I didn’t give up after a single try, mind you; I attempted to channel my inner Yoga Goddess more times than I could count, and each time I came away with nothing. I was uninterested, in pain, and felt as if the expected workout never even occurred. Now that I look back on it, however, I realize that perhaps the one item standing in my way of achieving complete and total yoga satisfaction was my chosen mat; thus, I have decided to give yoga another whirl, only this time I plan on arming myself with a perky Yoga MatNike Coupons.

Oh, I know it sounds quite ridiculous to someone who actually enjoys physical activities; but for someone who prefers the fashion world over fitness, there must be a few trendy motivating factors involved to truly inspire a person to pull themselves away from the latest issue of ELLE and into a Downward Facing Dog. These determinants, if you hadn’t already realized, don’t end simply with a pair of Victoria’s Secret yoga pants, or a flirty tank. No, they extend all the way to accessories; specifically, the mat.

My last mat was a dreary thing the color of mud. Staring at it as I maneuvered myself into various pretzel-like poses only made me loathe the whole idea of yoga even more with each passing day; the feminine pink of the Nike Yoga Mat is bound to give me a brighter outlook about the whole idea based on its playful hue alone. And, all prettiness aside, the fact that it possesses a supreme amount of traction to prevent any Slip ‘n’ Slide moments from happening, is even more appealing.

Okay, I have convinced myself. While I completely abhor the idea of anything strenuous, I have to admit that we must keep ourselves in tip top shape in order to don the funky fashions of the runway; therefore I will do it. I will place my pretty mat on the floor, don my wondrous workout accoutrements, and achieve complete and total serenity now; if only to acquire Gwyneth’s glow, of course.

Are you ready to achieve a little serenity now, kittens?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Nike and Glamour Girlz for the pictures.

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