Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thrifty Thursday: Elizabeth and James Draped Tank for Pennies

I’ve always shied away from basic, body-hugging tanks. In my eyes, the style has often come across as phenomenally masculine; and the mere thought of someone labeling me as an individual who would wear a “wife-beater” as such tops are often referred to, has always sent shivers up and down my spine. No, I’ve always gone for tanks that are ethereal and flowy; feminine and dainty; stylish, yet ideal for a casual picnic in the park or a sophisticated evening full of poetry dotted with the occasional rhythmic beat of jazz mutedly playing in the background. A blouse with enough personality to commandeer a crowded room; yet leave you looking effortlessly ravishing. The Draped Tank by Elizabeth and James is such a top.

Silently seductive, that is the only term I can think of to describe such a stunning bit of accoutrement. Instead of showcasing your every curve, the Draped Tank manages to highlight your shape without clinging to the contours of your form courtesy of an elegant slub cut which seemingly cascades over your skin to create a hypnotic silhouette. Regardless of the fact that the elusory Elizabeth and James original is crafted out of a blend of cotton and silk, and the flattering scoopneck dips just low enough to accommodate a striking statement necklace, it is not these qualities which make this piece so covetable. No, that honor is attributed to the asymmetrical ruffled sheer overlay which virtually whispers sweet nothings in the wind with its flyaway construction.

But I’m getting ahead of myself, darlings. I have obviously fallen a corps perdu for this simpleton, which is a fact that will obviously lead to heartbreak, for at $165.00 I can honestly say that I certainly do not have the spare change lying around the house to indulge in this pretty. I do, however, have the $28.00 required to pick up h.i.p.’s Chiffon Overlay Racerback Tunic Tank, a covering which embodies the true essence and beauty of the Elizabeth and James Draped Tank, sans the hefty pricetag.

While slightly more transparent than the lot it is modeled after, the Chiffon Overlay Racerback Tunic Tank is every bit as flirty, fun, and cultured as the original; plus it’s available in three neutral tones – white, gunmetal, and black. Would you think me completely devilish if I snatched up all three?

What’s the verdict, lovelies…will you be thrifty or spend, spend, spend?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom for the pictures.

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