Sunday, October 11, 2009

Splish Splash!

I am a notorious puddle jumper. It all goes back to a childhood laced with hot pink Barbie galoshes trimmed with plastic tassels and paired with a raincoat of the same shade. Back then my tendency for puddle hopping had to do with the glee I felt as my mother’s face crumpled in horror at the sight of me dripping wet from head to toe in what she could only imagine was water from a backed-up sewer off somewhere in the distance; now my affinity for such jovial jumping has more to do with the romanticism associated with the rain. After all, if puddles are nearby, a cute boy longing to be kissed a la Kirsten Dunst and Tobey Maguire in Spider-Man can’t be too far off now can he? Thus, it is time to shed whatever shoes happen to be strapped to our feet, and slip our tiny tootsies into a pair of rain boots. Don’t worry darlings, only the most fashionable for my little fashionistas!

Urban Outfitters “Equestrian Rainboot” I know this probably sounds downright bizarre; but I’ve been having a love affair of sorts with Urban Outfitters’ Equestrian Rainboot for the last few months. Perhaps it has to do with their très fashionable asymmetrical top line or their supremely functional rubber sole and weatherproof construction. No matter the reason, I have been visiting them Online everyday for the last four months, and I see no end in sight – unless, of course, I simply take them home with me. Unlike some rain boots that are very bulky and masculine, the Equestrian Rainboot retains a very sophisticated, feminine ambiance which it releases like pheromones with each wear. Don’t be surprised if you find a trail of cute boys following in your wake, kittens…just thank the boots!

Hunter “Original Gloss Rain Boots” How I managed to survive this many years without a pair of Hunter Boots in my life is truly unfathomable to me. Somehow all of their footwear fabulosity managed to evade my notice, and keep away from my radar until finally I spotted Kate Moss donning a muddied up pair, and I realized…I need those! Of course, the flat black or navy blue simply wouldn’t suffice. No, I need something with a little sparkle, a little glam, a little…violet! Oui, the Hunter Boots that managed to stop me dead in my tracks are the Original Gloss Rain Boots in Violet. Unlike the Original Hunter Wellington, the Glossy version has the same lacquer finish as a pucker that has just been slathered with Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss. Aside from the shine factor, however, they’re a dead ringer for their more muted counterpart; even bearing the same buckle-strap detail about the shaft – which I simply can’t help but adore. Pair them with skinny jeans and a dark top to leave a very colorful impression.

Sperry Top-Sider “Sadie Tall Boot” You may have to put away your heels when the ground turns slick, but there’s nothing in the rule book that says you must forsake height when the weather turns stormy. You simply have to find a safer way to strut your stature in style; and that, mes chers, is via the Sperry Top-Sider Sadie Tall Boot. Crafted out of the same waterproof upper as the typical rain boot, the Sadie Tall Boot sports a two-inch rubber outsole platform which provides the very same traction as a flat boot, with a two-inch boost, of course! If you ask me, the true piece de resistance of this ravishing shoe lies not in the heel, or the heavenly Winter White hue, but in the ivory Micro-Fleece collar complete with a beauteous brass button displaying the emblem of a very nautical anchor – an adorable detail that kicks the personality factor up a notch!

Nomad “Puddles Plaid Rain Boot” There’s something about black and white that is so very captivating to the fashion senses – the juxtaposition between dark and night; good and evil; or just simply a pretty color combination that can work with virtually everything in your wardrobe. I’d say Nomad’s Puddles Plaid Rain Boot is the latter. The houndstooth print is ever so slightly reminiscent of a more neutral-toned Burberry design; whilst maintaining its own classy identity. I’m overwhelmed with the urge to slip them on over black skinny jeans, and pair them with a coat in a creamy color; the end result is bound to be unequivocally sublime.

KORS Michael Kors “Stormy Rain Boots” I am truly convinced that Michael Kors gets his kicks out of torturing me. His good time is had at my expense. His jollies are provided by the mere thought of my clawing, scrambling, and saving for his blatantly divine creations. It’s true, Michael knows exactly how to get my goat simply by thinking up designs that leave my legs nothing more than a quivering mass of JELL-O. It’s no different with his Stormy Rain Boots. No more does one have to worry about leaving the house in rain boots that are practical yet utterly embarrassing to look at. The Stormy Rain Boots have all of the elements of a fashion boot – from the belted harness accents around the ankle to the pull-tabs flanking the shaft – in the form of a rain boot. Part motorcycle madness, part equestrian excellence…I’ll take them in Fatigue, s’il vous plait!

Ready for an afternoon of splishing and splashing in a brand new pair of rain boots, darlings?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Urban Outfitters, Shopbop, ShoeBuy, DSW, and Bloomingdale’s for the pictures.

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