Monday, October 5, 2009


The other girls on the playground longed to be princesses – fair maidens with hair cascading down their back and woven into a golden plait in which a handsome prince could climb in order to save the day; ball-attending beauties with ruched satin gloves pulled up to their petite elbows; crown-wearing damsels with a taste for glass slippers or hunger for poisoned apples, both of which required the assistance of an adorable royal to save them from their fate. A part of me longed for the same type of fairytale; yet the other craved a more terrifying ending – one with big bad wolves flashing razor-sharp incisors, long walks through frightening forests, and, more than anything else, a teensy hood cloaking my chestnut colored hair. In the end, the latter won out.

Don’t get me wrong darlings, the life of a princess sounds downright divine, and I could never resist the sparkling diamond-encrusted crowns; however, Little Red Riding Hood managed to speak to me on so many levels as a child. And now, as a college student, I find myself brought back to the whimsy of the wondrous story courtesy of Rag & Bone’s Twisted Merino Hood Loop.

The Twisted Merino Hood Loop is practically two accessories in one. The ivory waffle-knit covering with ribbed trim can be worn in one of two ways: as a face-framing hood that virtually drapes in the most romantic of ways in soft, flowy waves; or, on warmer days, as a bulky infinity scarf which can be secured with a fossil-imprinted brass button to keep it from flapping or being tussled by cool breezes.

Based on the sheer fact that I have countless infinity scarves lurking in my closet and haphazardly peeking out of multiple bureau drawers, I can’t help but desire to wear it solely as a hood; worn in such a fashion its impossible not to make a fierce statement. Just watch out for the Big Bad Wolf, kittens!

Are you ready to be hoodwinked?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Saks Fifth Avenue for the pictures.

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