Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tightwad Tuesday: Loeffler Randall Wendy Knit Cuff Booties for Less

I have no qualms about admitting the fact that I am a knit wit. It’s a tried and true trait of mine, I suppose, and one that I would be more than willing to shout from the rooftops if given the chance. But I digress; I will not be doing anything of the sort, unless, of course, bribed with a pink frosting topped cutecake (my pet name for cupcakes, if you hadn’t already figured it out). It’s not in my nature to be too over-the-top, though I’m sure my cocktail ring collection would make you think different. The truth of the matter is that we are all knit wits in our own ways. Some of us favor cashmere scarves, others prefer cuddly mittens, and a small handful of us perhaps adore embellished hats. But knits are not just found in the form of accessories to play up our best features. No darlings, they also come made especially for our teeny tiny tootsies, and I’m not discussing slippers here, mind you.

Loeffler Randall’s Wendy Knit Cuff Booties provide all of the same magic that I adore about J.M. Barrie’s mother-like figure Wendy Darling, in the form of a shoe. While crafted entirely of leather, the wondrous Wendy turns cozy about the shaft where her leather exterior mysteriously morphs itself into a comfortable cuffed knit which can be worn as a low bootie with a six-inch shaft when cuffed, or a taller boot with a sixteen-inch shaft when uncuffed. Of course, it’s not just the cuffed knit ornamentation that serves as a surprise to the eye of the beholder; no, there is the added element of a hidden three-quarter inch platform which subtly slides into a covered heel that is just slightly over four-inches high – a truly marvelous way to elongate the legs, especially when worn with black tights or skinny jeans.

No doubt there’s a catch. Whenever I find myself smitten with an item – be it fashion, food, or entertainment – it is well out of my price range, and Wendy is no exception. After all, she was created by Loeffler Randall – be still my heart. Truth be told, the wonderment of Wendy comes with a $650.00 expense; an amount well out of my budget given the fact that I would have simply admired her beauty from the amassment of shoes littering my closet. But there’s no need to worry, kittens; if you feel the need to have a little warmth encircling your petite ankles this winter, you do not have to say goodbye to Wendy. All you really need to do is meet her more wallet-friendly pal Lina.

BCBGirls Lina Platform Bootie, at $76.42, is a fabulous and fashionable way to get your knit-trimmed kick without squandering away every last cent you may have to your name. Like Wendy, Lina is constructed of black leather; only hers has a shiny, patent finish whereas Wendy has more of a muted, pebbled look. Patent, pebbled, I truly could care less which finish my booties are decorated with; as long as they bear the trademark knit trim, quite frankly, I’m in cozy heaven!

Tell me, lovelies...is it your day to be a big spender and spring for Wendy, or are you determined to be thrifty and go for Lina?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Shopbop and Zappos for the pictures.

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