Friday, October 23, 2009

New York, I Love You...

“You’d have to be crazy to live in New York City, but you’d have to be nuts to live anywhere else.”

It was not too long ago (just a few short weeks, to be exact) in which I proclaimed that I would be doing absolutely no traveling in the near future; but kittens, just as fashions change in the blink of an eye, so do holiday plans – and mine have changed in the most splendrous of ways. No longer will I be resigned to spending the Christmas season viewing the tree in Rockefeller Center from the cozy comforts of my couch. This year I shall be spending the holidays in the Big Apple, where I plan on making good use of the thick scarves and knee-high boots that so often never make their way out of my closet due to the constant Southern California sunshine.

For two weeks I plan on gallivanting all over the City like a giddy schoolgirl, soaking up as much culture and creativity as I possibly can. But until then…well, I’m positively beside myself. The thought of waiting ten long weeks to finally embark on such an amazing destination seems like an unbearable lifetime. Tell me darlings…how on earth can I possibly concentrate on College Algebra when my thoughts are consumed with visions of the bright lights of Times Square, adorable sidewalk cafes in the East Village, and shopping sprees along Fifth Avenue; not to mention stops at various cupcake shops to appease my sweet tooth? By bringing a smidgen of New York City right to my bedroom, of course!

Flair4All’s removable wall decals are what I think of as interior decorating for the girl on the go. Toss out the paint cans, and forget about dealing with a messy clean-up; Flair4All gives you the chance to accessorize your abode with minimal hassle. Love music? Vintage Vinyl is sure to make your heart sing. Adore nature? Bird Blossoms is bound to make you smile. Looking to get spotty? Polka Dots will do the trick. While I adore all of these choices, at present there is only one that I want embellishing my bedroom walls; and that mes chéris, is Skylines NYC.

It may not be a punchy pink; but the black and blue hues seemingly cha-cha alongside one another in a stunning, four-foot long swirl-imbued silhouette of one of the things I adore most about the City that never sleeps: the skyline. Falling asleep beneath this beauty for the next ten weeks is bound to keep the excitement regarding my fast-approaching vacation to a minimum; yet remind me of the wondrous sights I will soon be experiencing up close and personal.

“Something’s always happening here. If you’re bored in New York, it’s your own fault.”
Myrna Loy

I'm off to visit the Flair4All Fan Page myself. Now, which Flair4All do you want adorning your walls?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Flair4All for the pictures.

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