Saturday, October 17, 2009

Smitten Saturday

Jailhouse Rock The mere thought of being locked up in a jail cell frightens me more than you can even imagine, loves; yet I can’t help but be completely obsessed with fashions featuring horizontal black and white stripes that are sure to make me look like an escaped prisoner – a fashionable one, of course! The teeny tiny ruffles dotting the collar, paired with the flouncy ruffles about the sleeves provide a runway ready look to Collective Concepts’ Horizons Top – topping a pair of black sequin leggings you’d be nothing short of fierce. The black and white striped sequin skirt is the true piece de resistance of Lulu’s Show Off Sequin Dress – a frock bound to keep all eyes on you from your grand entrance straight through your daring departure. Rachel Pally’s Oversized Slouchy T-Shirt is a trippy way to dress up a pair of ordinary black skinnies. And honestly, how on earth am I expected to survive another day without Free People’s Striped Seamless Tube in Frost? Ready to rock your own version of jailhouse chic, kittens?

Gone Batty It is not the impending arrival of All Hallows’ Eve that has me batty, darlings. To be completely honest, as a child I was utterly obsessed with bats. I didn’t bring fairytales to bed with me before drifting off to slumberland; I held a book depicting photographs of baby bats in one hand, my beloved teddy bear Fuzzy grasped tightly in the other – a behavior which had my poor mother up in arms. When I look back on such behavior now, I wonder if perhaps my affections for the creatures back then is what made me so smitten with the style of batwing tops in present day. Perchance the flying night crawlers left an impression on my fashion sense which makes me interested in channeling their wing-like silhouette. Kittens I know it’s downright bizarre to credit a creature of the night for style inspiration; but obviously…I must. After all, for me to ignore the divine drapey-ness of such a look is completely out of the question. Rejection be-gone! I simply must embrace my batty side; and of course, I will. I am an absolute slave to the shimmer, shine, and radiance of Free People’s Reflection Sequin Sweater in Pimento. Forever 21’s charcoal-hued Dorene Sweater Top (which I already own two of) provides two fall musts in the form of batwings and a covetsome cowl neck – pair it with dark wash skinnies and cognac riding boots to make heads turn; trust me. While I would obviously prefer the arms of a cute boy to be wrapped tightly around me, the cocoon-like comfort of Goddis’ Slate Savannah Batwing-Sleeve Cardi would serve as a flirty alternative to such cuddling. And for a spot of romance? Darlings, you simply cannot go wrong with Beyond Vintage. Their feminine ivory Lace Batwing Blouse is dainty and daring – the ideal coupling for a whirlwind love story. Have you gone batty yet?

The Future is Now I used to abhor those activities in school in which the teachers forced us to write letters to our future selves…those obnoxious little notes which made us cringe as we carefully tore open the envelopes covered in scrawls scribbled with Crayola crayons harboring kitschy color titles years later. Mine was adorned with vampire felines who more resembled aliens penned in Sea Green – my favorite color for the first nine years of life. I’m almost positive that my letter consisted of talk about wanting a dog and such – the typical musings of a six-year-old. Now, I’m sure that my thoughts would be much more understandable – perhaps even achievable. Thus, I find myself wanting to do it again via FutureMe. This time around is sure to be different. For one, the dowdy Mrs. Jacobsen is not forcing me to take part in this particular exercise; and two, I don’t have to feel embarrassed by handwriting or ridiculous scrawls – all that’s required is a few minutes of typing thoughts about what my future holds, choose a date for my letter to be mailed back (do you think the year 2059 is too far away?), click send, and Voila! Once the specified date arrives, my petite note will find its way back to me. I’ll admit I find the whole thing slightly scary; but it piques my interest nonetheless. What would you say to your future self?

Le Colonel, S’il Vous Plait Let’s be straight, mes chéris; it is not in my nature to ignore the type of grandiose glamour put forth in the gritty days of old-time noir excess and decadence. Such refinement; such elegance; such delicate crafting should never be cast aside, or go unnoticed. It should be devoured in the same fashion as cupcakes saturated with rainbow sprinkles. And if Le Colonel has any say in the matter, it most certainly will. Please remove all thoughts from your growling tummies kittens; Le Colonel is not the fried chicken wielding, mustached gentleman currently being pictured in your mind’s eye. Le Colonel is, in fact, the Jazz Age loving Julia, a French designer who weaves vintage hairpieces bound to make even Blair Waldorf weak in the knees. While previously collections have channeled the Roaring 20s popularized by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Julia’s current creations are more for the fashionable girl about town. There’s the chocolate brown Bucarest with crimson detailing that would look marvelous with a powerful red coat; the coquettish ambiance of the cabaret-inspired Vienne; even Varna, a black and red beauty trimmed in sophisticated beads. Quite simply, everything by Le Colonel is frippery at its finest; and every girl deserves a bit of that in her life!

What were you smitten with this week?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Luphia loves… and Free People for the pictures.

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