Friday, October 9, 2009

Make a Wish!

Darlings, I thought it was downright bizarre when those petit red string bracelets came into fashion not too long ago; and when cord bracelets popped up I was even more baffled. But I digress, I suppose it took a bit of time, but I have discovered my own kitschy thingamajig to go gaga over. And that, mes chéris, is the Brazilet.

Aside from a brief sighting of one slung casually about the tanned wrist of Lauren Conrad, I truly had no knowledge of the sacred 200-year-old recessionista fashion accessory that promotes going green while raising funds to save the Amazon rainforest all at once; so when given the chance to win a Brazilet all my own from Amanda’s Sunshine, I did nothing short of jump at the chance. And for good reason. Perhaps it was a mere stroke of luck, or simple good fortune; or maybe it was destiny, fate even. Whatever the cause, I won, and my Flamingo colored Brazilet arrived in all its ribbon-crafted glory!

One may question why a simple piece of trimming so often seen adorning soon-to-be torn open holiday gifts sparkling under the Christmas tree would qualify as an item worthy of $5 apiece, but it is the sentiment that registers the minimalist bauble as a necessity; the sheer fact that the three little knots you tie in its minute being are marked down as three wishes. Once the material wears down, and the Brazilet slips from your wrist due to natural wear and tear, it is believed that those three wishes will come true. It’s a tiny trinket that promotes positivity, hope, and gives the wearer the ability to believe.

It doesn’t hurt, of course, that the assortment of colors, and the snazzy titles that accompany each one, come varied enough to appease the color cravings of even the pickiest buyer – from sunflower to flamingo, mango to leaf, even native and ocean. As you already know, my wrist currently belongs to a perky flamingo; yet even I am tempted to indulge in just a few more shades – if only for the extra wishes, to be sure!

Which color do you plan on using to make your three wishes?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to The Clay Pot and Closet Couture for the pictures.

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