Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thrifty Thursday: Balenciaga Giant City on a Budget

If I were to be brought back to life as an inanimate object, it would be as the Balenciaga Giant City. I worship that handbag, I truly do; as such, I think it only fair that I live out my days as the accessory in which I love more than any other. But I have not yet met my demise. I am a young, healthy American with quite a bit of time left on this Earth, and I would like to spend that time with the handbag in question.

I know it may sound a bit outrageous dolls, but when you find a handbag that so perfectly corresponds with your personality it’s as if the world around you comes to a halt, and all in the universe is perfect, if only for a short while. That is exactly how I feel whenever I gaze upon the heavenly beauty that is the Balenciaga Giant City.

The way the gold-plated hardware and studding seemingly shine a spotlight upon the soft, black vintage materials. The braided hand-stitched handles which add a unique, hidden texture that only those who carry such a bag know exists. Even the simple hand mirror which swings to and fro from the handles, or the removable shoulder strap which enables you to carry the City satchel style, or don it as a cross body-like messenger. Each and every trait makes the City more covetable. And why shouldn’t they? It has the classic silhouette and charm of the Chanel 2.55 or Marc by Marc Jacobs’ Stam with the added bonus of anarchistic embellishments that provide that extra dash of dimension.

Unfortunately, like the 2.55 and Stam, the City, while utterly ambrosial in terms of looks comes well equipped with a downside…a $1,695.00 downside. I imagine I’m not the only college student living on a scant budget yet dreaming of such a handsome handbag. In fact, I know I’m not. And, while dreams are sure to become a reality in some far-off future, at present time I’m forced to succumb to the ornery Veruca Salt within and proclaim… “I want it now!” Seeing as how I can’t have the original now, I’m more than willing to compensate with a piece just as lovely, and sporting a much more reasonable pricetag.

At $48.00, Shop Suey Boutique’s Jocelyn Satchel is every bit as brilliant as the City, and much more friendly to one’s savings account. Choose either silver or gold hardware; or forgo basic black and snag Jocelyn in red, pewter, brown, or white. Come to think of it, since you’re already playing the role of bandit by taking advantage of such a sublime bargain, perhaps you should do your handbag collection a favor and simply scoop up all five!

Will Balenciaga tempt you into being a big spender, or will Shop Suey Boutique inspire you to save?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Balenciaga and Shop Suey Boutique for the pictures.

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